Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newsletter: 50 Months

That’s what I get for waiting so long to do your last months newsletter…here it is time for the next one. Whew…I’m trying to keep up.

This past month you attended a couple of birthday parties. The first was for Maddox. He is a little over a year younger than you and the party was at his house. You had a good time running around doing your thing. Scooby Doo was the theme and you came out on top in the candy category, scooping up as much as you could when the piƱata was opened. Good grief son.

The second party was Kaitlyn’s, she is only a couple of months younger than you. I don’t think you remembered she has been at your party the last couple of years and I don’t think you cared. You were just excited to be jumping in all the moon jumps, inflatable slides and obstacle courses, you pretty much did your own thing. You do however have your mom’s skill at air hockey. You challenged Julie to a game and won. It was freaking hilarious seeing two four year olds go at it. I know what I’m asking Santa for at Christmas…mom is going to have to get you in a training program.

A family moved in across the street and they have a three and a half year old and he is in your class, purely coincidental. I can see you guys being best buds if you all stay together. You all have played together in the late afternoons and you are a sight to see, each of you have electric cars that you can drive and at any given time you can be seen ramming into each other, racing, driving in the yards, jumping curbs. I smile just remembering the sights. I’m glad you have made a new friend.

Last weekend we visited the Houston Children’s Museum. You had a blast. I think you experienced sensory overload. There was so much to see and so little time and…and…and. It was a chore keeping up with you and we actually lost you a couple of times. Stop and smell the roses boy. Unfortunately you come by that trait honestly. Both your dad and I are very guilty of worrying about what is next instead of enjoying the moment. We’re all working on that and we will help you too. Don’t worry we will visit the museum again.

Now for the biggest change…you left Kid’s R Kids and started attending Montessori school. Your initial visit was great. You listened, you followed directions, you did what was asked and that lasted for…those first couple of visits. Your dad and I selected a very good teacher for you and she is going to help us get you out of this ‘phase’. I’m going to call it a phase because that is what it will end up being by the time all us do what we need to do to break this ugly cycle.

You are a ‘spirited’ child, a buzzword for strong-willed. You feel things more strongly and you test and have an opinion about everything. This is your way. Your dad and I are figuring this out and we are learning how to deal with your beautiful self. Over the last year and half you have set out to test us, hourly it seems and unfortunately your dad and I have not been prepared with the knowledge to pass these series of test so you have gotten your way in several situations when you ought to have not. Armed with the knowledge we have now those tests that you are most excellent at giving are going to be met with a very different outcome, an outcome that you most likely won’t like. We started a few days ago regaining control of all situations and the last few days have been very tough. The good thing is everyday I see progress and that makes the next rough day ok because I know we’re going to come out of this soon and all of us are going to be happier. You can do this son and we’re doing this for you.

I know this is a difficult time for you right now son but please always remember your dad and I love you very much, it is the misbehavior that we do not like.

We will get through this rough patch.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newsletter: Month 2

Dear Monkey,

Two months in the books and we’re getting this family thing down. You had your two month visit at the doctors and you weighted 10lbs 10 ounces, doubling your birth rate and grew to 22 inches in length. Unfortunately you had to get four shots and Mom cried right along with you as your Dad held your arms and tried to distract you by talking to you so you would forget the nasty stuff going on with your legs. You were a champ, after a few minutes you settled down and fell fast asleep.

You took a nap when you got home and when you woke up it was obvious your little legs were hurting. When you weren’t crying you were whimpering, I put cold compresses on your legs and that seems to help, along with Tylenol, enough to get you back to sleep and we had a decent night.

You attended your first birthday party at Maddox’s house. Mostly you hung out in the Bjorn and watched the kids run around.

As far as sleeping you are down for about three hour increments at night like clockwork. I can work with that. This week we made the move from the bassinet to your crib. The transition was seamless; I’m getting ready for crib sleeping as you are going to day care in a few weeks.

You spent an evening with your Dad and brother without Mom last Friday. Let’s just say you did…uhm…ok. You gave your Dad a run for his money by crying most of the time I was gone. I went to a concert with Miss Nicole and you didn’t like it one bit. I always come back boy…I always come back.

You began talking (read cooing) a bit and you have a smile that lights up your face. I am really enjoying staying home with you; we have managed to stay busy with daily chores, errands and occasional visits with the girls down south. We were walking in the mornings but it was starting to get too hot and I began to worry about you overheating plus you started crying the last couple of times halfway through so I believe my suspicions of being to hot were true.

You love to watch and listen to your big brother and he MUST give you a hug and a kiss when he gets home from school and he always ask how your day was. He loves you very much and he can’t wait until he can play with you.

It’s going to be hard putting you in daycare in a few weeks while I’m preparing to return to work. Let’s just take it a day at a time and not dwell on our weekday days ending and make the most of our time together.

I love you very much!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Smilin Sage

You started smiling this week...Monday July 28th to be exact. It is the best smile ever.

Newsletter: 49 Months

The last month has flown by, mostly due to the addition to our family in the form of your little brother. He demands much of my time therefore you have been spending a lot of time with your Dad. Not that you care, you are such a Daddy’s boy and it makes me happy to see your relationship flourish. You have an amazing Dad son, I hope you guys will remain close and continue to have amazing adventures together.

After your fourth birthday we went to see Dr. Flanagan for your four year checkup. You charmed all the nurses and tried to negotiate your way out of your FOUR…count them…FOUR vaccination shots. They were close to caving but alas they did not and boy you handled those shots like a champ. I explained before hand that you would have to get a shot and you told me you did not like shots. I explained it was to keep you from getting sick. You seemed to understand this explanation but made it abundantly clear you did NOT want a shot. I had tears in my eye, much like I did the first time you received your vaccinations, I don’t like anyone hurting my boy. You were fine through the first two then the last two did you in. Even then you cried for less than a minute. You took a minute, I wiped your tears while you composed yourself and you walked with your shoulders held high from the room then promptly asked for a sucker.

You had a ‘play date’ a couple of weeks ago with Taylor. The Dugan’s came and picked you up and took you to see “Space Chimps”. They said you had a great time and enjoyed the movie. Ms. Karen gave you a sucker in which you proceeded to dip into your popcorn and eat the popcorn off the sucker. I see you working, a combination of salt and sweet. You may have something there.

You were able to take swimming lessons this year at the local pool. You did 'swimmingly' well. With every lesson you gained confidence in the water...not to mention your teacher was easy on the eyes as well. I am sure your confidence was spurned from trying to impress the ladies. It is to be are a Wayne.

We’ve been seeing issues with school rear their ugly head again. I’ll follow up in the next newsletter on how your Mom and Dad decide to handle this old development.

So...until next month when I will have much more to talk about. We love you boy!