Monday, December 18, 2006

Visit with Santa

It has been a while and I apologize. Mommy has been very busy with work and visits with Santa regarding your presents.

You had your first "official" visit with Santa on the 9th. Our community had a "Winter Wonderland" and Santa stopped by.

While we were standing in line Dad asked you what you wanted and you said Cars, you love cars! We asked you what else you wanted and you said you didn't know. Mommy tried to help you out by asking you if you wanted world peace and you just looked at me funny.

We continued to prep you with your list for Santa. Just before the big moment we asked what you wanted and you said "Cars but not World peace". Your dad and I almost fell on the floor laughing. It was hilarious.

It was your time to shine, the moment arrived and as you walked up to Santa you were a bit intimidated. I can see why. An over weight, bearded guy with a red suit and boots. Did he realize it was 80 degrees outside? Anyway, you stood beside him with your figures in your mouth, clearly messmermized by the magnitude of the event of actually meeting Santa. Daddy took a few pictures to document the event and we were on our way to the balloon animals. You never quite got to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas but he knows...he always knows. Plus...Mom and Dad got some extra "Santa" time and we told him a few things that we thought you might like as well.

On our way home we went and looked at lights. I think you were still reeling with your visit from Santa and we promptly called it a night.

One more is so amazing to see the excitement and awe through your eyes. You ask Daddy to tell you the story of the cardinal and Grandma Helen. Every time a new present appears under the tree you squeal with excitement. We can't wait to share Christmas morning with you.