Sunday, September 7, 2008

Orange Belt

The boy tested for his orange belt in Taekwondo on Wednesday and HE DID IT! He was lacking his third stripe and it seemed everytime they practiced it the boy became distracted with something or the other and never offically got his stripe before Wednesday. I knew he could do the form he had done it perfectly several times but for whatever reason didn't receive that last stripe.

We went in a bit early, after much coaxing, and the boy did his from with Mr. Henderson by himself and he was PERFECT. I wish I had brought my video camera because seeing the little dude next to a sixth degree black belt doing EXACTLY what he was doing was a sight to see. I did manage to take a few photos with my phone, he is the one in the middle of the pictures...

Congrats son!! Onwards and Upwards. You are awesome.