Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer recap Part 1

How sad am I. It's been 4 months since I last gave any kind of update. That is just sad. So...sit back, relax and grab a cold one, this may take awhile.

I believe I was supposed to give a recap of our first family vacation to May 4-6th we travelled to San Antonio. I was very excited and I think you were to but really didn't know it at the time.

We arrived and checked into our room and headed to the River.walk where we walked, tried to keep you from going for a swim and had dinner at the Rain.forest cafe. At the restaurant every half hour a 'thunderstorm' would take place and you wanted nothing to do with that! We ate and got out of there a fast as possible only to end up at mar.ble slab. YUM-O. You had cotton candy flavored ice cream with M&.M's and sprinkles...I could put sprinkles on lima beans and I believe you would eat them. Hmmm....

We made it home and you crashed. You slept in your own bed which made me and daddy very happy. We had big plans the next day at

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel and headed off on our adventure. We rented a little cart which was priceless and a must. We were off like a heard of turtles. The day was overcast thankfully and kept the temps down and made the entire day very tolerable. Our first stop was the water skier show. Around the corner just before the entrance to the show you spot a colorful bird that is talking up a storm. "Look Mom, a Macaw." I had to look around and make sure that came from you and not a 5 year old standing next to me. No, not a bird, a Macaw. Yes, you were right. During the water ski show you didn't take your eyes off the performers and they were as big as silver dollars.

Next stop was the childrens climbing area. You and Dad had fun climbing the ropes and walking across the wonky bridge. You and dad also rode on a mini, very mini ferris wheel. Nothing but smiles and laughing as you took it all in.

After lunch we went to feed the dolphins. A nice lady gave you a couple of fishes. You let mommy take the lead on that one. You loved looking at the dolphins but were not so much interested in them mistaking your hand for fish food.

Last but not least was the ultimate, the reason we were there, the end all be all...SHA.MU! Yes, we went to a show. You were fading fast but you managed to keep your wits about you as you sat on your dad's lap and watch the whales swim, dance and splash water all over the unsuspecting victims in the lower rows. That was it, that was all we had in us. Our day at came to a close. It was great and fun was had by all of us.

On our way home we stopped and had dinner at Olive Gar.den, not gourmet but it was filling. No one had any trouble falling asleep that night.

Sunday we packed up and begin our trip home. The plan was to stop by and have some fun at the waterpark. Of course the thought process was it is May and summers in Texas are notorious for being hot...who would have expected to be rainy and cold. is Texas so anything is possible.

Mom and Dad decided to brave the drizzle and we did the waterpark anyway. Hindsight it was a mistake. You ended up getting tonsilitis and we felt bad we kept you out in the rain cold and wet. tell you truth mom and dad had fun being kids again, if only for a few minutes. A couple of days and you were back on your feet.

That concludes the first annual Wayne family vacation. Your dad and I absolutely love to see the joy and excitement of your new experiences. We are so blessed.

That's all for now. I'll recap the rest of the summer tomorrow.