Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Newsletter: Month 4

Dear Monkey,

You may notice that newsletter for month three is missing. You may wonder if I forgot or if the World Wide Web ate it? Nope…it was Iked. A new terminology I’m starting.

One month before your third month birthday we headed to Dallas to escape the wrath of Hurricane Ike and nothing has been the same since.

Leading up to your three months on this planet you and I were enjoying our last week at home and getting ready to embark on a new chapter of your life known as daycare. We were very rudely interrupted by Mr. Ike.

Unfortunately you live on the Gulf Coast and by living here you and yours are subject to potential hurricanes during the summertime months. Hurricanes are mean and nasty. They are dangerous and destructive and in order to protect you and your bother we headed to Dallas as a safe haven. On the bright side…you experienced your first evacuation…I mean vacation.

You were not happy on the drive up there; you cried 5 out of the 6 hours it took to get there, poor monkey…you hate the car seat. I ended up sitting between you and your brother in order to offer you a bit of comfort.

Once we got there you took a liking to the big D and we had a tolerable time as a family. You slept in the pack n play just like it was your own bed back home. I even had one lady comment on what a good baby you were when she would see you down at breakfast every morning.

You visited your first zoo in Dallas; you slept through most of it which is ok.

You visited the grassy knoll where the thirty fifth President of the United States was assassinated.

You went to the State Fair Park…and it sucked.

Back at home we ended up being without power for 18 days! So we lived with Ms. Jodie for about a week in order to keep you comfortable and minimize the stress.
Shortly after things started returning to normal and that meant I had to go to work and you to daycare.

You are officially in daycare now and you are doing amazing. You have never once cried when I left you, maybe the first day when it was for a few hours but since then you just smile. The ladies love you and you reward them with your handsome smile and they tell me you are a joy to be around.

Milestone update…You started turning over, a couple of weekends ago you were only able to go from your stomach to your back and this past weekend believe I saw you go from back to stomach…if you can just get that arm out of the way. I have footage. CUTE!

You went to the doctor this past Friday for your four month checkup. Score…only three shots. You weighed in at 13 lbs 15 ounces and 25 inches long. You grew three more inches. You are still 10% on your growth and 50% in your height. Doc said you were beautiful and healthy. When the big bad nurse gave you your shots she must have gotten you good because you cried for an extra long time. I couldn’t help myself and I shed a tear or two as well. Your Dad was there to comfort you and he was about to quiet you down pretty quick, he’s good like that.

You had your first babysitter outside of daycare the other night, your Dad and I went to see Neil Diamond. You will soon discover your Dad and I love music and we so enjoy seeing bands live. I hope you will share in your Dad’s affinity for many music genres.

Your personality so far seems to be very relaxed and happy. You smile ALL the time and only truly cry when you are tired or hungry. You have been a delightful addition to our family and when things tend to be chaotic as they have been the last month you have become someone that can turn our focus from the negative and find joy in your lovely smiles.

Your sleep patterns…well…let’s say they are patterns but I have yet to figure out what pattern they make up. You teased me by sleeping a couple of nights in a row through the night but alas it didn’t take. We are back to getting up every three hours. Actually you get in about six hours before you get up around 2AM then like clockwork you are up in three hours. I can handle this. What I can’t handle is the getting up every two hours! BOY, you best be working on that.

I introduced you to rice cereal, first with the spoon, which you did great with by the way and second I tried to put some of the cereal in your milk. Well that didn’t go so well. The flow is too much for you right now so we will hold off on putting it your bottle and stick with the feeding before bed and see if that helps your growing appetite.

Halloween is coming up at the end of the month and you are going as a monkey. We borrowed the costume from Miss Jodie and you are so very cute!! It’s a bit big but we will make it work. There is significance in being a monkey for Halloween since that is your nickname. Your brother went as a bug for his first Halloween as his nickname is bugamug. I can’t wait.

You are one of many blessings son. I can’t imagine this family without you. You seem to be the calmness to this family when we are in the middle of chaos. You are loved and I am so happy you are here.