Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girl Drama

So the boy tells me this morning that he has a girlfriend and her name is Kendall. I’m like oh how cute…he’s had a girlfriend before and her name was Kolby Davis, and still speaks of his lost love and how much he misses her. Scarred at the ripe ole age of four.

His new relationship is fresh and evidently this little hussy gets around. She used to be Josh’s girlfriend but they broke up so now she is the boy’s girlfriend.

I know that a boy needs to spread his wings and fly…but don’t be bringing any hussy home to meet Mom. Do your thing and respect the mom!

Seriously…I had these stories in Junior High…not when I was in preschool. I am so not ready for this.

Suite 100

Monkey – You officially transitioned to the next class this week. It was weird for mom. I had grown so accustomed to your teachers in your infant class I didn’t want it to end. When I walked in this morning it was weird to see the babies crawling all over the floor, I’ve gotta be more aware they are underfoot as to not step on one.

You have proven that you are a Wayne through and through and will not be outdone, who cares if those guys in your class are 3 or 4 months older…crawling, no, I don’t know how to do that but I bet I can learn in one day. Prior to Monday you had mastered the art of crawling backwards, after Monday you were on all fours rocking back and forth and slowly making forward movements. You are such a Wayne. My guess is you will be full throttle by the end of the week. Stinkpot!

I am glad you are thriving in your new environment and I’m so happy to see you still so happy and content.


Monkey - With your new teefus you are able to go to town on some of the smaller foods. Sweet Potatoes puffs are your new favorite thing to eat AND you can feed yourself, sort of. Out of 10 puffs you maybe get 3 in your mouth but you are doing better and better each day. You are eating the entire spectrum of level 2 baby foods, except squash, that tends to give you make your stomach all gassy so we steer clear of that one, but everything else if fair game. Crazy how fast it is all going.

First Tooth

Monkey - Seven months to the day and that little sucker on your bottom front that has been giving you fits day and night finally decided to make its debut. Your Dad calls you a little panda because you stick your thumb in your mouth and chew on it for teething relief and you look like a panda that is eating bamboo or Eucalypts.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Bug: “Mom, can I have more crackers?”

Me: “No, you have had enough and we are fixin to have dinner.”

Bug: “But Mom, I have only three crackers left and all this cheese!”

Yeah...what do I do know when faced with that kind of logic. Yep...give him more crackers.

January 2008 Newsletter

Bugamug and Monkey,

Ok boys, in an effort to streamline things and in order to keep them “simple” and to actually finish your newsletters they will now officially become “monthly” newsletters. I find myself not having making time or the effort and I really enjoy writing these, sometimes I find I lack the words, especially when I just completed one and two weeks later it is time for another and there is the fact that I find myself saying the same things. Welcome to 2009.

Bugamug, I apologize, you got shorted your November and December newsletters but I’ll talk about some of the fun things that went on. Nana and Papa visited us for Thanksgiving. You had a great time with them and your bond strengthened. Papa played with you without question everything time you asked. One day we all went ice skating. Your Dad and I had so much fun skating around with you. Papa videoed and took pictures while Nana tended to your sleeping brother.

Soon after Nana and Papa left we made ready for Christmas. You and I put the tree up and decorated the house. Mema would also be visiting us soon.

A week or so before Mema visited it snowed. That’s right, you read right…it snowed. When I was picking you up from school there were a few flurries but nothing crazy and they kept saying it wouldn’t stick because it was almost 80 the day before. You and I caught a couple of snowflakes on our tongues, giggled and marveled at what we were experiencing before getting into the car and heading home.

A few hours later I was walking by the front door and decided to take a peek and holy cow…the ground was white. I ran upstairs to get you up so you could play but you didn’t want anything to do with that! You were cold and wanted to go back to bed. Oh well…I tried.

The next morning before school I took pix of you and your brother in what was left of the snow. At school that day you took my gloves and thankfully they let you and your friends go out in the morning and have snowball fights. It will probably be another 4 years before we see snow in these parts…if we are lucky.

Mema came in the week of Christmas and we had a great time celebrating Christmas and visiting. It took you forever to go to sleep on Christmas Eve and you got up at 4:00am on Christmas morning reeling from all the presents Santa left under the tree.

We spent the better part of the day opening presents and enjoying the morning. Monkey, you didn’t know what to think…you just wanted to eat the wrapping paper.

All in all it was a good day and the holidays were very special with addition to the family. Every year will get better and better from here on out.

Monkey, you are sitting up very strong now. We still sit you in the Boppy or the Bumbo to give you a bit of help but you are pretty much doing it on your own. You are STILL NOT sleeping through the night. I take that back, you slept through the night two days in a row but not sense then. I wish I could figure out what is keeping you up…but thankfully I can get you back down in 30 minutes and you are good until morning. You are so not your older brother when it comes to sleeping.

You are such a happy baby. You smile at everyone and everything and people are naturally drawn to you. You begin visiting suite 100 at school tomorrow and I can’t believe you are already changing rooms. It seems I just dropped you off in the infant room for the first time just a few weeks ago.

Everyone at school knows and loves you, it is the smile. You have a gift that makes everyone feel special when they are around you. Don’t ever lose that quality.

Well boys, it is the start of a new year and your Dad and I are excited to see the last one over. Bugamug you continue to be a piece of work; articulate, smart and unbelievably likeable, even when you are knee deep in trouble. Monkey, you are healthy and you are growing up so fast, keep smiling and loving life. We will do everything in our power to make that happen.

I love you boys…I so love saying that.