Friday, March 30, 2007

33 Months and 4 Days

Hello son-

Mom here…This last month has been a flurry of activity and few changes that surprised myself and dear old dad…not that he’s old…just a figure of speech.

I’ll start with the good and end with the challenging…yeah…we’ll call it challenging.

Last weekend you accompanied me to “Miss Nicole’s” house to help Miss Nicole with getting ready to put her house up for sale. Nic’s has two big dogs and you’re not used to being around dogs so you did not leave my lap. By your reaction I can only imagine you thought those doggies were ready to take a limb or your entire head at any given moment. You never took your eyes from them…just in case.

We went upstairs to work in a bedroom and created a much appreciated barrier from the dogs and you proceeded to be mom’s big helper by lining up the socket wrench attachments (part of your OCD) and amusing yourself with playing hide and seek in the closet. Miss Jodie and I were taking furniture out of the room and you were my little shadow…not letting me out of your site. I’m sure it was from fear the dogs would show up at any given moment and off with your arm.

Miss Jodie took a wrong step down the stairs and ended up hurting (spraining) her ankle. So every time you and I continued up and down the stairs you would tell me to be careful so I won’t hurt my ankle like Miss Jodie; Compassion from a 2.5 yr old.

Later on you found a car in Miss Nicole’s office and you wouldn’t put it down…she ended up letting you have the car and you still haven’t put it down…it makes it really difficult at bath time.

The weekend before that you went with me to a race. Mom was not racing in this race however we went to cheer on Miss Jodie and her family in a marathon relay. I got you up really…really early and I was anticipating a “challenge”. You were golden.

We made our way down to Seabrook (about 45 minutes from home). Thankfully, the park had a very nice skateboard park where we set up camp. There was about 8-15 of us at any given time. Well…you loved it. The half pipes were calling you. You figured out how to crawl up by yourself and slide down on your bottom. I caught you testing your limits by trying to go head first…thankfully I thwarted that attempt. I am trying to minimize the number of emergency room visits that I know are in our future.

After you got bored with sliding down yourself you decided it would be fun to see how the fire engine held up to the half pipe rigor. You thought it was so funny when the truck would sail through the legs of several unsuspecting people. Yeah…not so much…mean ole mom took away the fire engine.

You then had your sights set on a stick…not any old stick…the stick. The stick that made it’s way all the way back home to your house. Announcement…For those that wish to purchase birthday and Christmas presents for the next year…just send sticks…not the little puny ones…the big walking kind and just wrap random boxes in paper…nothing in them…just paper. I digress…

Back to the stick; you found a stick and everything in your path was fair game. After warning and removing small children and the elderly I let you have it. Coke cans, grass…dirt…other people drinks, water were not safe. That is…until the skateboarders came out and started doing their thing. You thought it would be fun to see what happens when you throw your big ole stick in the path of the skateboarders.

Not Cool…and because you are my son and I saw you looking at your stick then at the skateboarders and begin to take a step in the direction of said skateboarders I knew what you were thinking and again…avoided a trip to the emergency room to pay for the damage you may have done to some unsuspecting skateboarder.

Shortly after…it was time to head home. You didn’t make it 15 minutes and you were wiped.

The weekend before that we went to your friend Taylor’s 4 yr birthday party at E. Che.ese. Of course you had a great time…crawling around the hamster trails…playing video games and eating pizza and birthday cake too. A funny thing happened…you wouldn’t remember but when you were a baby you went to a school in the Woodlands. One of your classmates was Vishnu. Everyone knew Vishnu as he cried A LOT. Vishnu happened to be having his 3rd birthday party on the same day. What are the odds…he’s still just a little guy. Odds are, when you are both adults you will either go to college together or end up working together, funny.

That about sums up the month of weekends…tomorrow we have Landon’s 1st birthday party where you will attend your first crawfish boil. I am sure I will not able to wait a month to write about that one.

Now for the challenges that have ensued…you have figured out on the weekends you do not have to wait until Mom or Dad comes in to get you in the mornings…you get out of your bed on your own. Thankfully it is still around 9a so it’s not that challenging…yet; however, your Dad and I really…really need to convert your bed into a toddler bed for your safety.

Tantrums…boy…you had a 45 minute temper tantrum last night because 1. your school bag blanket was left at school. (Your blanket always stays at school). 2. Mom took your shoes off because they had mud on them. (How could I) 3. We would let you watch your new movie (i.e. Ic.e…the Meltdown) What horrible parents we are.

We finally had to put you in your room and close the door until you were finished with your fit. When you finally quieted down I found you lying on the floor on your blanket. When I asked if you wanted to come eat dinner you said “NO” as only a 2.5 year old can. So…I left you in your room. Dad went up a bit later to talk with you and tell you that we would enjoy it if you came and had dinner you still refused. Dad left your door open when he left the room and you promptly got up and shut it…as only a 2.5 year old can. Your Dad and I had to smile at that one.

Finally you decided you had had enough and you joined us for dinner. You stubborn little man…you are definitely my son.

Tantrums have been your theme lately. You’ve about sent Dad over the edge in the mornings to the point where he has had to ask me for help. So…in order to alleviate such challenges as picking the right shirt/pants/shorts you have worn the same pair of shorts for a week now…your black comfy shorts with white strips on the side. I let you pick out your own shirt and that seems to have helped a bit in the clothing department.

This morning I made the mistake of “opening” your banana (which you asked me do to before quickly changing your mind right after I “opened” it. The mouth opened…the eyes squeezed shut and I reminded you to use your words and talk to me. All you had to do was ask to switch bananas with me. You understood so the crying was short lived.

Mom and Dad have quite a challenge with you and us. It seems we have reached a point where your independence and we doing things for you has reached crossroads. Understanding this makes it a bit easier…but somedays (like yesterday) there is not an easy button and you just have to push through.

You are a good boy and bring us so much joy…I know we will all get through it together.

Oh…you said y’all the other day…your dad almost fell over out of shock. Me…not so surprised as you live in Texas and I say it frequently. I am trying however not to say “fixin” when you are in the room.

This was a long one but a good one. You still grow up every day. You are 37lbs and 39 inches tall.

In the month to come we will tackle potty training…stay tuned for those trials and tribulations.

Keep growing, keep laughing and keep learning.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

32 Months and 8 Days

Today is a beautiful day in March. The weather is a perfect, a crisp morning and it will be warm in the afternoon. We have been taking advantage of the extra daylight hours in the evening and venturing outside to talk with our neighbors. Last week you and I were out talking to Mr. Justin and Gus; when you saw your Dad turn down the street you yelled “Look Mr. Justin there is my Dad”. It was the sweetest thing. I put you down (you are afraid of Gus) and you ran up the driveway to meet your Dad.

Saturday we went out to ride your tricycle after you nap and we walked down to Jordan’s house and you had your first “play date”. Jordan is 6 and it was fun watching you two interact. All of her toys are pink and she has lots of dolls and you didn’t care. To was cool just playing with new toys.

Last week all of us neighbors were out talking in the evening and you helped Mr. Paul move his dirt with a shovel, right after you were playing in it. Mr. Paul asked if you like to fish and you said no so he offered for you and dad to come fish with him. Now when we talk about Mr. Paul you ask about fishing. I think you would love to fish.

I went away a couple of weeks ago to Florida visiting the Space Shuttle for work. It was the first time I have been away from home in a couple of years and I was worried you and Dad were going to have a difficult time. Again…you proved what a wonderful child you are and everything went great. I called you at school everyday to check on you and spoke with you again at night before you went to bed. I think you were more excited about the prospect of getting a present than worried about me being gone. :D

Your behavior is improving and your dad and I are so proud of you. We even got awarded parents of the month at your school! WE ROCK. You are working so hard and your teachers and your parents can tell.

Last night when dad was putting on your show you told him you were “pointed” in him. I almost fell over laughing so hard. You meant you were disappointed in him, this is what mommy and daddy tell you when you get sent to the office at school. Oh man…nothing gets by you. You are so smart. It seems you are struggling with when you choose to use that knowledge.

Your dad and I are having our own struggle with removing your crib rail to convert your bed to a toddler bed. Like I’ve always said... you are a most excellent sleeper, you even crawl in your bed in the evening and out in the morning... once you are in …you are in. We’re just afraid you will know you have a bit more freedom and it scares us. We just need to suck it up. I am thinking Saturday morning the rail comes off and you are that much closer to independence. Excuse me while I wipe my tears.

Your eating habits are better but still no veggies. Dad found an excellent solution V8 Mango Juice or something like that. It gives you your entire serving of fruits and veggies in a tasty juice. That works for us…until you decide you will eat any veggie that is not corn.

Your most watched movie this last couple of days is NEMO. Saturday it was the Incredibles and Cars. You hate to wear pants that are too big. The one time you did you were scarred. Now you think all your jeans are too big. We have to tell you to try them on and we will take them off if they are too big. They never are.

You are brushing your teeth like a champ…spitting and everything. So…big…so big. At night you like to hide in Daddy’s office with him and I always have to ask Dad if he has seen you. Then I go around the house looking for you. When I come back I hear a faint meow in the corner…it’s you.

You read “Papa, Please Get Me the Moon” to me the other night, almost verbatim. There is something about a two year old that includes “indeed” when they are speaking. Of course you are not reading you have heard the story so many times you know it by heart. Or are you? Daddy told you a Magic Ladybug story when I was gone and you ask me to tell you that story and I tell you I don’t know it. Then you tell me the story. LOVE IT!

That about covers it for the last month, your dad and I love you very much and we really understand how hard you are working to be good at school, we are very proud and we thank you.