Thursday, January 18, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

Thanks Jodie! Since you used half of the things I would have posted I'm going to have to get creative.

The Rules: Each player of this game starts with the six (6) weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own six (6) weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six (6) people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I absolutely must take a shower at night before I go to bed. It doesn't not matter if I have had three showers earlier in the day or that I have not left the house all day. I do not sleep well unless I have had my shower.

2. Although food touching is at the top of my weirdness list I also eat one food at a time. None of this mixing and matching. Eat all of the taco, move on to the enchilada and finish will a little bit of beans and rice and I may elect to eat chips along with my beans and rice.

3. I hate feet. Yours...mine and ours. Feet disgust me. That's all I'm going to say about that.

4. I cannot sleep if I do not have the fan on. I don't care if it is 20 degrees outside the fan must be on. I may concede and turn it down to medium during cold weather. If I am in a hotel I turn the A/C down as low as possible...I have to have air circulating.

5. All doors visible in the bedroom must remain close. Hello...panick room and the guy standing in the door way when she was sleeping. Hell no! Bedroom door, bathroom door, closet door...all closed at night for safe sleeping.

6. Man I thought I was the only one that was freaked out if the toilet paper was upside down. I am a big proponent of making sure the toilet paper dispenses from the top. I hate spinning and spinning and spinning looking for the start of the roll and it remains upside down. I will also fix toilet paper, even in a strangers house if it is upside down.

I tag Scott, Sandy (my other blog) and Jen. I am still developing a blog circle.

Your first SNOW (ICE) day

Yesterday school was cancelled due to the ice storm that rolled through town on Tuesday night. You do not yet fully understand the significance of a snow day in Texas. Although it did not technically snow Houstonians are not used to driving around on ice and do it very poorly. So we had a mommy and me day!

I got you up around 9:30 due to the most excellent sleeper that you have become and I will forever thank you for that. You helped me make pancakes and we pigged out during an episode of Dora.

After Dora we moved on to Over the Hedge, anything but The Incredibles or Cars...I can recite every line. I really enjoyed snuggling with you on the couch and protecting you from the bear. After two back to back showings of Over the Hedge you had lunch and went down for a nap until 4:30, that's my boy.

I know I won't win any "mother of the year" awards for filling your day with TV but you seemed to enjoy it and I enjoyed "enjoying" it with you. :D

When daddy got home we broke out the Quesadilla maker and made you a chicken and cheese quesadilla. You absolutely loved them. You ate more than I did. From now on we will forever have a quesadilla night once a week.

I enjoyed spending time with you yesterday and perhaps in about 5 more years we may have another Snow day to enjoy together.


Monday, January 8, 2007

No More Fish

This weekend was a sick weekend for you. On Saturday morning when I went to get you up around 9:30 there was a pungent smell of vomit and poo in the air. Sometime during the night you became sick and you didn't even call for your dad or me to help you. Saturday morning we got you up and you didn't want a bath but your Dad calmed you down and you and I layed on the couch together watching Cars and The Incredibles.

We thought it may have been the Mahi Mahi with Chipotle sauce you bummed from your Dad on Friday that upset your stomach but on Sunday morning when we were eating Taco's you had another explosion. So we think it was a bug going around.

You are such a good boy and so loving when you are not feeling good. You and I again watch more Cars and Incredibles. By the end of last night you were actually quoting from the movies during your bath.

Your Dad and I went out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary so we put you to bed early. You did not want any part of that. I'm getting ready and I hear..."Mommy...Mommy...where are you?" "Mommy...Mommy...good night." "Mommy..." A promise of CostCo and a bike ride forty-five minutes later finally quited you down. You always know.

You are feeling much better thankfully and went to school this morning. Looks like we made it through unscathed.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"I'll be your best friend" 2 1/2 you have officially mastered the art of bribery. You were in the tub the other night and wanted me to "fetch" your cars that were downstairs. I told you I was fixin to bathe you and we would get your cars tomorrow. With a smile on your face and your head cocked to the side and your puppy dog brown eyes you said "I'll be your best friend!" What! Where it the world did you hear that and how do you know the context in which to use that remark? continue to amaze me everyday.

Christmas was great. This was the first year you were truly excited and understood all that was going on. You made quite the hall. Here is a brief list, there was sooo much:

Two dinosaurs - rah
"Cars" Cars: Chick Hicks, Mater, Doc Hudson, Red, Sheriff
A wooden tractor trailer truck with "Seth Allen" on the side - Nana and Papa
Ornaments - Nana and Papa
Gasoline Truck with Helicopter - The Hess'
VCast Video Game - Mema
Tractor from the "Cars" - Aunt Sue and Uncle Roger
Police Car - Granny
Big Truck - Uncle Donald
Tank - Aunt Denise and Uncle Gene
$50 gift card - Grandma and Grandpa
Gumby and Pokey
Lincoln Logs
Bath water coloring
Bath paints (do not recommend)
"Cars" Bedding
"Cars" Blanket - The Dugan's
"Cars" Shirt - The Dugan's
Aquadoodle - The Reeves'
Horns - Eric Reeves
"Cars" Tricycle
Safari animals
Hungry Hungry Hippos

That is most of it...lessons learned...scale back for next year. It took us two days to open all of the gifts. You will be fine won't even notice. We had ham for dinner, by the way, you LOVE ham. And for dessert you asked for a brownie and I told you we didn't have any brownies and you preceded to say "we have cookies though". proving to be someone your Dad and I are going to have to stay one step ahead of.

You went to Jump Town with Taylor on Friday and you had a great time. Jump town is an indoor facililty that has several different types of air jumpers. You climbed, slid, bounced and showed off to your hearts content. We grabbed lunch at Johnny Carino's and he wanted no part of settling down to eat, you were too ramped up from the 1.5 of jumping so mommy and you had to make a quick departure. By the time I read your story you were OUT. It was a fun day.

The rest of the weekend was low key, you helped me take some of the Christmas lights down and rode your tricycle. You also helped take our donations to Goodwill. You are starting to asert your authority and Dad and I are prepping for the challenge.

Sunday we went to visit Granny and Great Papa. They were very much looking forward to your visit. You played with Papa and he showed you his toys and you showed him yours. We are going to make an effort to see them once a month in the upcoming year. It was great to see the love and joy on their faces with having a little one around.

Happy New Year little one. It's going to be a great year.