Friday, April 25, 2008

Month 45

Dear Bugamug,

This last month started out with Landon’s birthday party. Landon and your Dad share the same birth date, we went to his house for a BBQ. I think you had a good time. Your Dad shared with me that you and Maddox were in the other room pouting when Lan was opening his presents. I know it is hard for you guys, plus he got some really cool stuff.

Most of the weekends this month consisted of errands and chores. Your Dad and I are attempting to get things in order before your brother makes his debut in less than eight weeks. You’ve been helping me plant lilies, trimming trees and organizing the garage. It’s been rather challenging but you do love to help so much…and I try to keep that in mind to keep you busy.

Taekwondo has been going really really well. You earned TWO STRIPES within a week. I was afraid you were going to expect stripes every time you showed up for class but thankfully this past class no one received a strip so you didn’t feel slighted.

Your Dad and I watch you and just shake our heads. You can always be heard over everyone eles (YES MA’AM). You have a big o smile on your face when you are allowed to run. You want to lead (and you are promptly reminded you cannot be the leader of the class until you obtain your black belt status in about 6-8 years), you have found shortcuts to things that don’t entirely make sense to you like hiding behind the bob’s and instead of squatting and standing back up you just remain squatting. Nice going son.

You received an outstanding report from your class yesterday and wanted to bring it in to your class. I said no because it had glitter on it and I didn’t see the relevance then your Dad remembered the kids’ bringing in their reports last week and they received a ‘Way to Go’; silly mommy. You brought your report in and you received a way to go and you earned your first star. Now we just have to get a visitor to come visit with you so you can get a V to sew that star on to.

That leads us to Dr. Ler.mer. Dad and I decided to go to a family counselor for some advice and coaching on how to handle a boy of your nature. It turns out you are extremely gifted, by his observation of course. Not that Dad and I don’t feel the same we just thought it was our biased opinion. You really enjoyed the visit with the doctor and he obviously made an impression on you, you are still bringing up his name. He gave us some good advice and we will see where we go from here in the coming months.

School just got better for you this last week. They moved you up to Sweet 450. You seemed to be adjusting quickly. Ms. Heather is so excited you are in her class she can’t stop talking about it. You also seem to be up the challenge of the big kid class. For now…”Oh No” reports are a thing of the past.

We had another BBQ in mid April at Ms. Nicole’s. She has to be the coolest ever. She rented a moon jump for you boys and you guys had a blast. We brought out the fire pit and you were obsessed. You boys had your drinks and cookies sitting around the fire. WAY TOO CUTE. Again we were there until about 10 and we didn’t get home until 11 and you were exhausted; MUST STAY AWAKE FOR SCOOBY DOO.

We found a new favorite show for you: Captain Planet. Actually it is a really good show about protecting the planet from pollution and such. I’ve taught you to turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth, you even remind me sometimes.

I began reading a children’s version of Treasure Island and you are riveted. We read a few pages every night and you seem to look forward to it. Pirates and Treasure…ARGH MATEY.

We had another BBQ at Mr. Paul’s house. You and Kyle had a fun time chasing each other around. Kyle and I left at the same time, I had a girls night a Ms Nicole’s and you were more upset that Kyle left than me. That’s lovely.

Last weekend you visited the ‘Shire’ with your Dad for the first time…that you know of. You were actually there when you are a baby but we only stopped by for a few pix the last time. Your dad said you had a blast on your adventure through the forest. He has plans to take you fishing Saturday morning. HOW FUN!! I know you boys will have a great time.

I swear you grow up everyday. It is hard to keep up with you sometimes. Dr. Lermer said you would surpass us at 8 with your intellect and wit…I’m thinking more like 5. I am grateful you have been blessed with your gifts and your Dad and I are going to try everything in our power to step up to the challenge and cultivate those gifts in the best way possible. Heaven help us.

I just called to RSVP you to birthday party for an old friend of yours, Kolby Davis. You haven’t seen her in almost a year but you still talk about her and apparently she still talks about you. I think I’m not going to tell you and let you be surprised.

You are very loved and we are very proud of you…keep being you.