Wednesday, March 26, 2008

44 Months

Dear Bugamug,

On time two months in a row…I’m on a roll. This month has been nothing less than exciting. We are still keeping you very busy. A few notables from the month, you attended Tay.lor’s birthday party at It Up. Of course you LOVED it. You slid down the gynormous slide frontwards, backwards and upside down, BOY; no fear. You prolly would have done a swan dive off the top if you had thought about it. You and your dad played around a bit and your mom got some great shots, and you ran and ran and ran to your sweaty hearts content.

The following weekend your dad went to New Or.leans on a guys trip and true to form I kept you incredibly busy. That Saturday was by far your busiest day to date. First stop was TaeKwonDo. This was the first time you actually participated, second time to attended class. You did a stellar job. You listened, participated and looked to be enjoying what you were doing. So…I signed you up and you got your Gui. That’s where the fun abruptly stopped. The instructor put your jacket and your white belt on to take a picture and you were not happy at all. However, the picture you ended up taking made you look way intense which I don’t think is a bad thing. You are a force to be reckoned with.

After TaeKwonDo we went to I.HOP for breakfast. You got the JoJo pancakes. Which translates to pink and blue syrup with a pink sucker on top in honor of ‘Hor.ton Hears a Who’. You ate about half and had had your fill. I think you figured out that while it looked cool it did not live up to your expectations; you bogarted the strawberries from my pancakes instead.

After breakfast we headed to Gal.veston to the beach, the first time you went to the beach in Texas. We met Landon and Maddox there. OH MY GOSH did you have fun. I enjoyed just watching you take it all in and play to your hearts content without restriction.

We had all the best beach toys; I know this because other kids were migrating our way asking to play with our sand toys. There was a mishap regarding the sand castle you boys and Ms. Jodie were building but once we got past that it was smooth sailing. You decided to try out the water and it was COLD. You ran and ran and played and played then it was time to pack up and head to Maddox’s for dinner. When you told your dad you went to the beach you explained it the following way: “I was running in the water and the water totally came up and got me.” Totally…totally…my lil California boy; that is so cool.

At Maddox’s house you and the boys played some more. It was great going to a new house with new toys to keep you boys occupied. Landon and Maddox’s parents and I enjoyed some ‘adult’ time and got dinner ready while you boys played to your hearts content.

We finally wrapped it up around 10p and you showed no signs of slowing down. Where do you get all of your energy? We headed home which took about 45 min and you still didn’t fall asleep you were watching ‘Sco.oby Doo’. Only after we got our showers and I put you to bed did you fall asleep 5 minutes later AND you didn’t get up until 8:30 the next morning…that’s my boy.

On Sunday we had a low key day. I made breakfast and we got ready to go to the movies to see ‘Hort.on Hears A Who’. You enjoyed the movie. You were sitting in my lap at one point and your brother started kicking you in the back. You could feel him and it didn’t seem to bother you. You would just smile.

We had glorious naps then got ready to pick Dad up from the airport. I had a really a good weekend with you…thanks.

The following weekend was Easter weekend. I’m still trying to find a church so we haven’t gone yet, I swear by next year the Wayne’s will be in church celebrating Easter. Saturday we started off at TaeKwonDo, all I can say is we made progress from Thursday’s debacle. On Thursday we got to the door but you refused to go in. You had your Gui on but it must have been burning your skin or harming you in some way based on the way you were carrying on. We ended up leaving and sent you to your room and boy were you mad. Saturday morning we did get you in your Gui and in the building. Understanding your progress we told you that you could watch. You seemed content with that and we will try again on Thursday to actually participate IN your Gui.

In the afternoon you helped me scoop sand out of your sandbox in order to clean it up and make it useable. Your Dad and I are working to get that backyard in better shape so you can play out there more.

Sunday the Easter Bunny visited you. When Dad came back from Starbucks he went to find you to let you know he saw the Easter Bunny leaving our backyard. You totally scored. The Bunny left you a car basket that was bigger than you and hid a ton of eggs around the backyard. You went out in your jammy’s and loaded up. Your dad made his famous, incredible French toast then we colored a few eggs for fun. That afternoon you and I went on an ‘adventure’; we took a walk up to the park, you got bored then we went to the duck pond, through the tunnel, to the other duck pond and the other park then back home. It was delightful. We talked about things, sang songs, and watched all the animals. It was a few hours of just us that I will remember and cherish always.

Now, for the update regarding school; deep breathe…things aren’t going as well as we would like. The ‘Oh No’ reports have stopped but that is just because your teachers were told to stop reporting. Not sure that is the right answer because you understand that you don’t have to be accountable and you are getting away with things. Your Dad and I are still discussing what we are going to do to try and solve this problem. Your teachers believe that it will resolve itself after your brother is born. I’m hoping…

You are very loving to your brother as you watch my belly grow. You like to feel him kick and you ask how he is doing every day. Whenever you share snacks with me you always give one for me and one for your brother. You are already very thoughtful and loving toward him. I can’t wait for you boys to meet and become lifelong friends.