Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Holiday - 2007 (Valentine's Day)

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie! V-Day was a good day. I went to visit you at your Valentine's party. When I arrived you were sitting very nicely carefully eating a bite sized cup cake. Your plate was filled high with big ol' cup cakes, cookies and cheese. Yes...cheese.

Your first thing out of your mouth was that you were good today and did not go to the office or time out. I was smiling ear to ear! I am so proud of you. I told you and hugged you. You finished your cup cake and cheese and you were ready to go. Of course you were enticed by the valentine cards waiting for you from your classmates.

We went home early and you wanted to watch the Incredibles. Mom had to do some "Valentine's" prep and you were very content watching your movie. You called your dad and told him the good news about the office. He was very happy.

When dad got home you opened your cards and your presents. You received more "Cars" cars, a balloon and a book about the airport. Dad did good. We're going to try to go to San Diego in May so Dad is prepping you early. When myself and your dad would say Happy Valentine's day you would come back with Happy Holiday. Too cute.

After dinner you watched one more show and then it was bath and bed. It was a very nice day...and you were great.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fun Family Weekend

This past weekend we had a family weekend. And you absolutely loved it. On Saturday we took you to the Woodlands Children's Museum and you had a ball playing with the sand, looking at fish, writing on the chalkboard of the school room and playing in the tar pits with the dinosaurs. Mom and Dad really enjoyed it as well. There was so much to see and do that we couldn't finish everything so I am sure we will be going back soon.

Sunday, Dad suggested to go ride go-karts, which we hadn't done before. Oh My so loved it! You went out with your dad first and every time you guys came around the corner you had a big o smile on your face...ear to ear. Then it was mom's turned and dad went and got the camera and he got some stellar shots of you thoroughly enjoying your first go-kart experience. By the time you were riding with me you would be my spotter and tell me when other karts were coming up from behind..."Go faster mom". One for the memory bank!

We are planning a trip to San Diego in May. We have started talking with you about riding on a plane. You are very excited. We still need to work on your behavior at school. Trips to the office are coming to frequent. Listening ears...Your dad and I are trying hard to remind you to go talk to your teacher if you are frustrated. Keep trying.


Friday, February 2, 2007

31 months and 7 days

You turned 31 months a few days ago...all I can say is I'm trying. You are changing weekly it seems. Growing older and wiser by the day. Your dad and I continuously ask you if you grew up today. You give us a look like ", put down the jagermister."

Your eating habits still do not include any vegetable that does not start or end with corn. You eat more pancakes for breakfast than I do. Your Dad bought the fam a quesadilla maker and you LOVE those. Mickey D's is still your favorite weekend lunch and frozen spaghetti and chicken on the bone come in a close second and third. Your dad and I have been able to insert "Dora" yogurt as a dessert and always top that off with a chocolate coin. "Can I have a coin?"

The potty training front is improving. You do not like to use the potty at school because you are afraid you will fall in. I saw those potties and I can totally relate. You are doing well with training at home. You always go before your bath because Mom has burned in your brain that pottying in the bathtub is gross. Especially with the amount of bathwater you consume each night.

The past few weeks we have had to work with you regarding your behavior at school and at home. Your dad got a call from the school and you had to talk with him and tell him why you were in the office. You did not like that. We took away your shows and you were not allowed to watch TV. The following Monday you were sent to the office again and no shows or TV. By Tuesday you got it and we haven't had a return trip since. We had a conference with your teacher, Ms. Viviana yesterday and she told us how much she enjoys you in her class. You are so smart but you are having a hard time with structure. Mom and Dad are working on that with you and we can already see a difference in a just a week.

Somewhere in the past week you decided to call us Mom and Dad. "Hey mom?...Mom" thanks "Dad". It cracks your dad and I up.

Your favorite TV shows are Dora, Diego, The Wiggles and Handy Manny. Your favorite movie this week is Antbully. I hear you quoting lines in the bath every now and again.

You have started role playing much more openly. I could hear you talking in the bath when you thought I wasn't listening but now you are doing more physical role playing. You like to pretend you are a dog or a baby at night and you go and hide from me in your dad's office. When I ask your dad where you are I can hear you giggle.

You have learned to crawl in and out of your bed but thankfully you have not put two and two together and figured out you can do this when mom and dad are not there. I think this is because you are a most excellent sleeper and when you are in your bed you are sleeping and not contemplating your escape.

You are very well mannered and polite. Always saying yes, please and thank you. You execuse yourself from the table and put your dishes in the sink. Your dad and I watch with pride and amazement at how fast you are growing into a young man.

You and I went to visit Great Granny and Papa Boley last weekend. We had chicken on the bone for dinner. You weren't very hungry because Granny kept giving you "treats". That's's Granny's job. I love how very affectionate you are with them, including "that other boy", Uncle Donald.

Daddy was sick last weekend and you and I spent a lot of time together. We made a magic ball out of crystals, we built forts with Lincoln Logs and you crashed them with your truck. We also played video games on your Vcast. did most of the playing, you watched. You were so cooperative. Like you knew things were off and it was very important to help mom and be on your best behavior.

Your and Dad and I are so proud of you and how hard you have worked on your behavior at home and school. I am so happy to be your mom and I love you very much.