Friday, November 21, 2008

Newsletter: Month 5

Dear Monkey,

Another month in the books; I can’t believe how time is flying and how much you are growing. In the evenings before you go to sleep I just look down at your innocent face as you look back at me and both of us are smiling. I love our evenings together in the soft darkness of your room rocking to the hum of the noise maker and fan lulling you to sleep. You are truly an angel sent from heaven. I wrap you up like a burrito and rest your head on my shoulder and breathe in your scent, it is so very intoxicating. I know these nights won’t last so I cherish everyone.

This past month we found ourselves in the doctor’s office. Your “movements” (another word for poop) were very loose and frequent. I had to go pick you up from daycare on two occasions. The doc said a bug was going around and you weren’t dehydrated, that was a relief. It took about seven days before you got over it. Now…you are regular as clockwork. I thought you would appreciate that.

You are working on your next milestone – sitting up. You hate laying down these days and you love…love…love to sit up. You can do it a bit if your hands are bracing you in sort of a tripodish fashion. After a minute or two you start to lean and whoop…there ya went.

You have discovered your feet as well and you love to grab them all the while squealing in delight.

You are doing great with your food. Bananas seem to be your favorite right now. Soon I will start the veggies and perhaps beef or chicken stuff. We will see.

As far as sleeping goes it is hit or miss. Some nights you sleep all the way through others you get up at 2 or close to 5 but I can pretty much always get you back to sleep easily and on the weekends we can sleep in till 7 or 8.

Turning over is getting stronger but you hate being on your back so much I am not sure if you will be able to master it…you have to be standing or at the very least standing up.

Turkey day is next week and you will get to meet Nana and Papa from California. You will love them and Nana is going to eat you up!

Tomorrow you will visit Miss Jodie for a couple of hours; I know you will have fun. Next newsletter it will just about be Christmas, I can’t wait.

Until next month...


Friday, November 14, 2008

52 Months

First let me address the missing newsletter for September. Ike ate it…and I am not even joking. September 11th the family loaded up the car and went to Dallas to escape the wrath of Ike. Your Dad and I attempted to explain the situation to you but I am not sure you truly grasped the situation until we returned home. We tried to make a vacation out of the “event” and I hope it wasn’t to traumatic for you with the spending time with the family, eating out, yummy breakfast every morning, spending time at the pool with Dad and going to the zoo with me and your brother. We visited the site where John F. Kennedy was assassinated but the significance really didn’t hit home with you…yet. It will one day.

You were a trooper when Dad had to return home early to start rebuilding the chocolate factory that was almost lost. During this time you were very helpful to me and the baby and after a few days of lounging around in Dallas we headed home.

When we returned home I believe seeing the damage from Ike gave you a point of reference as to why we left. Every time you would see a fence down you would ask if Ike did it. We spent a couple of nights at home with Dad and “Sparky” (the generator you and your Dad named) until it got too hot and you me and your brother headed to Miss Jodie’s. Let the games begin.

You and Landon spent the next week playing together and watching Batman cartoons. Some days were easier than others but we all got through it when finally that glorious Saturday our lights came back on.

Needless to say with all that excitement I was unable to get your newsletter out in a timely manner. It happens.

This past month has been rather challenging on the school front. We moved you back to Kids R Kids with your brother and you seem to be much happier. Dad and I think the familiarity and stability is the best for you and we all are working to get you ready for Kindergarten.

Yesterday you had a rough day at school, they had to call your dad and needless to say your dad and I were disappointed in your behavior. I don’t think we fully realize the impact of these “rough” days and how much you internalize when you fail. When Dad tucked you in last night you told him that you really tried to have a good day and then cried softly. When your Dad told me I cried too. We know you are trying hard sweetie and we will never give up to help you get to that better place.

A couple of weeks ago an event took place and it saddens me that it will forever be apart of you and a reminder of a time when you were hurt badly. We were at Miss Jodie’s house leaving to go home from the air show and you and I were walking down the stairs. You raced to get in front of me, a bad habit you developed from always wanting to be first, and you tripped over your feet and went tumbling down to the bottom. Your face broke your fall when it hit the molding at the base of the stairs; your face tore open on impact.

I didn’t realize the severity until the blood started gushing. Miss Jodie made you a compress and I scooped you up and we headed to the emergency room. Your mom was trying to be strong because I didn’t want to scare you but I lost it when we walked in the door. It sunk in that I was actually here. I knew it was inevitable that we would arrive here and I thought somehow knowing and accepting that would help me deal but it didn’t. Looking down into your face and seeing the hurt and uncertainty was too much for me to bare.

We were in the room that was painted for kids with the Little Mermaid, Nemo and Spongebob cheering us on. As you were lying on the table I attempted to reassure you everything was going to ok. You took a small nap and Miss Jodie and I stayed with you as you slept.

The doctor came back in to administer the local so he can begin sewing up your gash. It wasn’t pretty…none of it. It took four of us to hold you down and I knew you were hurting. I just wanted it all to go away. Your Dad came in and tried to calm you but you were having none of it. I am now attempting to find humor in the event but there just isn’t any.

After the doc completed your six stitches we were all exhausted and you were wringing wet with sweat. Your Dad carried you to the car and took you home; I still had to get your brother from Miss Jodie’s house.

When I got home I saw a tired little boy who grew up just a little bit more that day. All in all you did great and I am proud of you. Let’s agree that we won’t have to go back there for a really…really for reals long time, if at all.

Now on the lighter side…a couple of notable funnies:

Yesterday morning I was getting you ready for school and I gave you some new pants to try on. You put them on, looked down and around, looked back at me and said “these pants fit nicely”. I fell off the couch in hysterics.

The other night you told your Dad, who had went to a concert a few days earlier, that YOU wanted to see Gaslight Anthem. I don’t even remember telling you that is where he went.

You and your Dad have started a nightly ritual of story telling. He tucks you in and makes up a story to tell you. Many nights I can hear your laughter from upstairs fill the house. I just smile. My hope for you is that these stories will stick with you for the rest of your life and one day you will pass the gift on to your kids. Characters like Scaramooch searching for shark pants, Sir Hiram Hurmpf and Bunny. When I ask about the stories your Dad tells you your face lights up as you recall every minute detail. That there is special…hold on to it with both hands.

We took family pictures for Christmas the week before “the incident” and here are a few of my favs! (will post soon)

A notable thing that has happened in the last month or so was the presidential election. I can in no way compete with your dad articulating the significance and importance of this event so let me send you over to his blog read his words.

And lastly, you posses a shining light that draws people to you like moths to a light bulb. Every person that meets you is immediately drawn to your personality and is awe of your ability to articulate words better than most adults. You will learn to harness this unique gift and you will eventually become a force to be reckon with…but on your terms and those that see it won’t even know what hit them. We got your back Bugamug. You are an amazing, handsome young boy with a beautiful soul and we will forever and ever love you.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Newsletter: Month 4

Dear Monkey,

You may notice that newsletter for month three is missing. You may wonder if I forgot or if the World Wide Web ate it? Nope…it was Iked. A new terminology I’m starting.

One month before your third month birthday we headed to Dallas to escape the wrath of Hurricane Ike and nothing has been the same since.

Leading up to your three months on this planet you and I were enjoying our last week at home and getting ready to embark on a new chapter of your life known as daycare. We were very rudely interrupted by Mr. Ike.

Unfortunately you live on the Gulf Coast and by living here you and yours are subject to potential hurricanes during the summertime months. Hurricanes are mean and nasty. They are dangerous and destructive and in order to protect you and your bother we headed to Dallas as a safe haven. On the bright side…you experienced your first evacuation…I mean vacation.

You were not happy on the drive up there; you cried 5 out of the 6 hours it took to get there, poor monkey…you hate the car seat. I ended up sitting between you and your brother in order to offer you a bit of comfort.

Once we got there you took a liking to the big D and we had a tolerable time as a family. You slept in the pack n play just like it was your own bed back home. I even had one lady comment on what a good baby you were when she would see you down at breakfast every morning.

You visited your first zoo in Dallas; you slept through most of it which is ok.

You visited the grassy knoll where the thirty fifth President of the United States was assassinated.

You went to the State Fair Park…and it sucked.

Back at home we ended up being without power for 18 days! So we lived with Ms. Jodie for about a week in order to keep you comfortable and minimize the stress.
Shortly after things started returning to normal and that meant I had to go to work and you to daycare.

You are officially in daycare now and you are doing amazing. You have never once cried when I left you, maybe the first day when it was for a few hours but since then you just smile. The ladies love you and you reward them with your handsome smile and they tell me you are a joy to be around.

Milestone update…You started turning over, a couple of weekends ago you were only able to go from your stomach to your back and this past weekend believe I saw you go from back to stomach…if you can just get that arm out of the way. I have footage. CUTE!

You went to the doctor this past Friday for your four month checkup. Score…only three shots. You weighed in at 13 lbs 15 ounces and 25 inches long. You grew three more inches. You are still 10% on your growth and 50% in your height. Doc said you were beautiful and healthy. When the big bad nurse gave you your shots she must have gotten you good because you cried for an extra long time. I couldn’t help myself and I shed a tear or two as well. Your Dad was there to comfort you and he was about to quiet you down pretty quick, he’s good like that.

You had your first babysitter outside of daycare the other night, your Dad and I went to see Neil Diamond. You will soon discover your Dad and I love music and we so enjoy seeing bands live. I hope you will share in your Dad’s affinity for many music genres.

Your personality so far seems to be very relaxed and happy. You smile ALL the time and only truly cry when you are tired or hungry. You have been a delightful addition to our family and when things tend to be chaotic as they have been the last month you have become someone that can turn our focus from the negative and find joy in your lovely smiles.

Your sleep patterns…well…let’s say they are patterns but I have yet to figure out what pattern they make up. You teased me by sleeping a couple of nights in a row through the night but alas it didn’t take. We are back to getting up every three hours. Actually you get in about six hours before you get up around 2AM then like clockwork you are up in three hours. I can handle this. What I can’t handle is the getting up every two hours! BOY, you best be working on that.

I introduced you to rice cereal, first with the spoon, which you did great with by the way and second I tried to put some of the cereal in your milk. Well that didn’t go so well. The flow is too much for you right now so we will hold off on putting it your bottle and stick with the feeding before bed and see if that helps your growing appetite.

Halloween is coming up at the end of the month and you are going as a monkey. We borrowed the costume from Miss Jodie and you are so very cute!! It’s a bit big but we will make it work. There is significance in being a monkey for Halloween since that is your nickname. Your brother went as a bug for his first Halloween as his nickname is bugamug. I can’t wait.

You are one of many blessings son. I can’t imagine this family without you. You seem to be the calmness to this family when we are in the middle of chaos. You are loved and I am so happy you are here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Orange Belt

The boy tested for his orange belt in Taekwondo on Wednesday and HE DID IT! He was lacking his third stripe and it seemed everytime they practiced it the boy became distracted with something or the other and never offically got his stripe before Wednesday. I knew he could do the form he had done it perfectly several times but for whatever reason didn't receive that last stripe.

We went in a bit early, after much coaxing, and the boy did his from with Mr. Henderson by himself and he was PERFECT. I wish I had brought my video camera because seeing the little dude next to a sixth degree black belt doing EXACTLY what he was doing was a sight to see. I did manage to take a few photos with my phone, he is the one in the middle of the pictures...

Congrats son!! Onwards and Upwards. You are awesome.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newsletter: 50 Months

That’s what I get for waiting so long to do your last months newsletter…here it is time for the next one. Whew…I’m trying to keep up.

This past month you attended a couple of birthday parties. The first was for Maddox. He is a little over a year younger than you and the party was at his house. You had a good time running around doing your thing. Scooby Doo was the theme and you came out on top in the candy category, scooping up as much as you could when the piƱata was opened. Good grief son.

The second party was Kaitlyn’s, she is only a couple of months younger than you. I don’t think you remembered she has been at your party the last couple of years and I don’t think you cared. You were just excited to be jumping in all the moon jumps, inflatable slides and obstacle courses, you pretty much did your own thing. You do however have your mom’s skill at air hockey. You challenged Julie to a game and won. It was freaking hilarious seeing two four year olds go at it. I know what I’m asking Santa for at Christmas…mom is going to have to get you in a training program.

A family moved in across the street and they have a three and a half year old and he is in your class, purely coincidental. I can see you guys being best buds if you all stay together. You all have played together in the late afternoons and you are a sight to see, each of you have electric cars that you can drive and at any given time you can be seen ramming into each other, racing, driving in the yards, jumping curbs. I smile just remembering the sights. I’m glad you have made a new friend.

Last weekend we visited the Houston Children’s Museum. You had a blast. I think you experienced sensory overload. There was so much to see and so little time and…and…and. It was a chore keeping up with you and we actually lost you a couple of times. Stop and smell the roses boy. Unfortunately you come by that trait honestly. Both your dad and I are very guilty of worrying about what is next instead of enjoying the moment. We’re all working on that and we will help you too. Don’t worry we will visit the museum again.

Now for the biggest change…you left Kid’s R Kids and started attending Montessori school. Your initial visit was great. You listened, you followed directions, you did what was asked and that lasted for…those first couple of visits. Your dad and I selected a very good teacher for you and she is going to help us get you out of this ‘phase’. I’m going to call it a phase because that is what it will end up being by the time all us do what we need to do to break this ugly cycle.

You are a ‘spirited’ child, a buzzword for strong-willed. You feel things more strongly and you test and have an opinion about everything. This is your way. Your dad and I are figuring this out and we are learning how to deal with your beautiful self. Over the last year and half you have set out to test us, hourly it seems and unfortunately your dad and I have not been prepared with the knowledge to pass these series of test so you have gotten your way in several situations when you ought to have not. Armed with the knowledge we have now those tests that you are most excellent at giving are going to be met with a very different outcome, an outcome that you most likely won’t like. We started a few days ago regaining control of all situations and the last few days have been very tough. The good thing is everyday I see progress and that makes the next rough day ok because I know we’re going to come out of this soon and all of us are going to be happier. You can do this son and we’re doing this for you.

I know this is a difficult time for you right now son but please always remember your dad and I love you very much, it is the misbehavior that we do not like.

We will get through this rough patch.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newsletter: Month 2

Dear Monkey,

Two months in the books and we’re getting this family thing down. You had your two month visit at the doctors and you weighted 10lbs 10 ounces, doubling your birth rate and grew to 22 inches in length. Unfortunately you had to get four shots and Mom cried right along with you as your Dad held your arms and tried to distract you by talking to you so you would forget the nasty stuff going on with your legs. You were a champ, after a few minutes you settled down and fell fast asleep.

You took a nap when you got home and when you woke up it was obvious your little legs were hurting. When you weren’t crying you were whimpering, I put cold compresses on your legs and that seems to help, along with Tylenol, enough to get you back to sleep and we had a decent night.

You attended your first birthday party at Maddox’s house. Mostly you hung out in the Bjorn and watched the kids run around.

As far as sleeping you are down for about three hour increments at night like clockwork. I can work with that. This week we made the move from the bassinet to your crib. The transition was seamless; I’m getting ready for crib sleeping as you are going to day care in a few weeks.

You spent an evening with your Dad and brother without Mom last Friday. Let’s just say you did…uhm…ok. You gave your Dad a run for his money by crying most of the time I was gone. I went to a concert with Miss Nicole and you didn’t like it one bit. I always come back boy…I always come back.

You began talking (read cooing) a bit and you have a smile that lights up your face. I am really enjoying staying home with you; we have managed to stay busy with daily chores, errands and occasional visits with the girls down south. We were walking in the mornings but it was starting to get too hot and I began to worry about you overheating plus you started crying the last couple of times halfway through so I believe my suspicions of being to hot were true.

You love to watch and listen to your big brother and he MUST give you a hug and a kiss when he gets home from school and he always ask how your day was. He loves you very much and he can’t wait until he can play with you.

It’s going to be hard putting you in daycare in a few weeks while I’m preparing to return to work. Let’s just take it a day at a time and not dwell on our weekday days ending and make the most of our time together.

I love you very much!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Smilin Sage

You started smiling this week...Monday July 28th to be exact. It is the best smile ever.

Newsletter: 49 Months

The last month has flown by, mostly due to the addition to our family in the form of your little brother. He demands much of my time therefore you have been spending a lot of time with your Dad. Not that you care, you are such a Daddy’s boy and it makes me happy to see your relationship flourish. You have an amazing Dad son, I hope you guys will remain close and continue to have amazing adventures together.

After your fourth birthday we went to see Dr. Flanagan for your four year checkup. You charmed all the nurses and tried to negotiate your way out of your FOUR…count them…FOUR vaccination shots. They were close to caving but alas they did not and boy you handled those shots like a champ. I explained before hand that you would have to get a shot and you told me you did not like shots. I explained it was to keep you from getting sick. You seemed to understand this explanation but made it abundantly clear you did NOT want a shot. I had tears in my eye, much like I did the first time you received your vaccinations, I don’t like anyone hurting my boy. You were fine through the first two then the last two did you in. Even then you cried for less than a minute. You took a minute, I wiped your tears while you composed yourself and you walked with your shoulders held high from the room then promptly asked for a sucker.

You had a ‘play date’ a couple of weeks ago with Taylor. The Dugan’s came and picked you up and took you to see “Space Chimps”. They said you had a great time and enjoyed the movie. Ms. Karen gave you a sucker in which you proceeded to dip into your popcorn and eat the popcorn off the sucker. I see you working, a combination of salt and sweet. You may have something there.

You were able to take swimming lessons this year at the local pool. You did 'swimmingly' well. With every lesson you gained confidence in the water...not to mention your teacher was easy on the eyes as well. I am sure your confidence was spurned from trying to impress the ladies. It is to be are a Wayne.

We’ve been seeing issues with school rear their ugly head again. I’ll follow up in the next newsletter on how your Mom and Dad decide to handle this old development.

So...until next month when I will have much more to talk about. We love you boy!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newsletter: Month 1

Dear Monkey,

It has been one month since you officially joined the family, in the flesh, and it seems we have had a pretty good start. Of course all you do is eat, sleep and poop but as easy as that sounds it ain’t so much. This is because we have our schedule, that we’ve had for much longer than you I might add, and you have your own schedule and they are at constant odds with each other. Right now you are in the lead but not without a fight from me. That fight centers around sleeping and swaddling.

For the first few weeks of your life you slept on me and while that provided comfort emotionally for both you and me it did not provide comfort for me physically as I was on my back and at an angle. Not to mention you were wide awake come 2 in the AM while the rest of the free world was asleep.

About a week ago I decided to finally make my move and I was determined to get you to sleep in your bassinet, and here it is…while swaddled. You fight the swaddle but when you finally accept your fate you are able to get a couple of hours of shut eye. Plus I’m the master swaddler and there ain’t no way you are breakin free of that one no matter how much grunting and Houdini antics you try. Just as your brother! In the latter part of the month your days and nights are becoming more in line with NORMAL human beings, there is hope for a somewhat normal schedule yet.

You will soon discover that it is all about schedule with your mom, this is what I do for a living and it translates to a happy mom. I can plan for stuff and get stuff done oh and sleep which is my most favorite thing to do in the entire world. Now your bother was a most excellent sleeper when he got the hang of it and I expect no less from you young man. You still have a couple of months to work on it but come month four…sleeping through the night, ok…you have one pass a night and getting up at 9:30 in the am is expected and I know it can be done. Get to it.

You and I have been sequestered for this first month, your dad and I think it is best in order to prevent untimely illness while your immune system is still trying to kick in, we know we can’t protect you from getting sick your entire life but if we can prevent it these first few weeks while we are all trying to get used to each other then we all benefit.

You are growing with intensity and vigor. That explains the eating you require every waking moment it seems. When you become a man my guess is that you will be a boob man since that is what you are all about, I have a sneaking suspicion you are using me as a human pacifier. Ouch.

Your dad, brother and I are so happy you finally joined us; you are fitting into our family just fine.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July

This year we kept it low key because your brother is still so new to the world, we grilled and had steak and yummy veggies then we finished up the night with fireworks. You and your Dad had a great time lighting the sparklers, snakes and blackcats.

4th of July

You experienced your first 4th of July celebration this year. The 4th of July is Independence Day and honors the birthday of the United States of America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It's a day of picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag.

This year we kept it low key because you are still so new to the world, we had steak that we grilled and yummy food, all standard operations on this day, and we finished up the night with fireworks. You slept through most of the activity but your brother and our neighbor had a great time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two Week Checkup

I am happy to report you are doing great and growing like a weed. Weighing in at 6 lbs 9 ounches and measuring 19 1/4 inches long. Normally babies are at their birthrate (5 lbs 11 ounces) at the two week are almost up an entire pound over your birth weight, don't I know it. BIG EATER.

Everyone says you are so little and you prolly are but mommy doesn't think so. You are just right and you are a Wayne and you will show them! You'll be top of the class when you get ready.

Your two week habits...sleeping during the day and not so much at night. Plus you only like to sleep on Mommy. Yeah, we put a stop to that last night. Although you are too young to understand what is happening it is for your own good and mommy's sanity. I moved you to the co-sleeper last night and after a lengthy episode of crying you settled down and excepted your fate and slept for three hours straight...on your own. Progress, that's all I can hope for.

Your first fourth of July is coming up this weekend and we plan on having a good time and fun with the neighbors and fireworks.

You have begun to hold your head up really good and with tummy time you seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

Your dad thinks you don't like him but I assure him it is only a matter of time before you can't spend enough time with him and want nothing to do with mommy...your brother did the same thing.

Let's work on altering your sleeping patterns to normal human beings, hopefully we're on the right track.

48 Months

Dear Bugamug,

June 26th you turned four. Holy cow I have a four year old.

Congratulations son you became a big brother on June 12th and you handled it like a pro. Mom went into labor early in the morning on the 12th and you went to the hospital with your dad and me. Mommy was in a lot of pain and you kept telling me on the way it would be ok. Thank you baby…It really helped me hearing you say that. I thought yeah…everything is going to be ok with all my boys with me soon.

The last month leading up to your birthday has been busy around the house getting ready for your little brother. You and I spent time on the weekends at the pool. I really enjoyed that time with you, especially knowing in a few weeks my time would be divided.

You are doing great at school. Your friend that we will call ‘D’ moved up to your class and we were starting to see the bad behavior pattern start again. Thankfully you showed such a great response when you were by yourself in that class the teachers were able to see what the catalyst was…’D’. We spoke to your teachers and they said they are going to try to keep you apart and they plan on moving you up to 500 in August…at this rate you will be graduating high school in three years.

Your progress has been substantial; you can write your name and numbers. You are learning to spell and all in two short months of being in your new class. It is amazing what you pick up if you are not distracted by trouble makers.

I love seeing you with your brother. As soon as you get home from school you wash your hands and want to hold him. The other night your dad mentioned something to you about your brother crying and you replied “That is just what he does”. Another time when your brother was upset you asked your dad to sing to him the song he used to sing to you ‘Rock a Bye Baby’. Your dad and I can’t believe you remember that…you were two.

Right now you are into Taekwondo and you love to swim. Taekwondo has taken a back seat the last few weeks and you missed getting your third stripe and the opportunity to test for the next belt. This upcoming month we should be able to get you back on track. You are doing a great job at the pool, your dad and I are looking into lessons for you but with your dad’s impending knee surgery we may have to put that off a few weeks and go to QLS.

Mema came to stay with us for a week to spend some time with you while I was in the hospital with your brother. You two got to know each other a lot better and you tested her…it’s what you do. Your dad and I were very glad she was able to come in a help and spend time with you.

For your birthday we had a low key cake and presents on Thursday and you and your dad went to the movies on Saturday to see WAL-E. You sorta liked the movie, according to your dad but you got scared in some places.

You have been exceptionally understanding these last few weeks, your dad and I can’t get over how grown up and mature you’ve been regarding your brother. You have been very attentive and caring as I knew you would be. Don’t ever lose those qualities.

Goodbye three year old…hello four year old and what we all grow as a family of four together.


Monday, June 23, 2008

June 12, 2008

Dear Monkey,

You made your debut today, a little earlier than planned; does that mean you are going to be habitually early in everything you do for the rest of your life? Not a bad quality at all, but dang boy. That hurt!

I’m not going to go into the gory details; you can read your mom’s blog when you’re old enough. Mom had an operation and the first time I saw your face was when you peeked at me over the curtain to say hi. You were not happy; someone had just plucked you out of your warm cozy place that was your home for the last 9 months.

You were born at 7:13 am, weighed 5 lbs 11 ounces, 18 ¾ inches long, 20 days before your due date. I wasn’t prepared for a less than 6 lb baby, we weren’t prepared, and thankfully Ms. Jodie and Miss Nicole got us prepared real quickly.

You met your Dad shortly after you were born and he carried you in the recovery room to meet your big brother. I wasn’t there but your Dad said your brother looked at you in awe. To this day he badgers your Dad and me to hold you and he kisses you good night. He speaks to you lovingly and touches you gently. I’m documenting this behavior because one day I am sure you will never believe me when I have to separate you two and make you hold hands on the couch to keep you from fighting.

Your first night you spent with me and we had a pretty good night. You took to breast feeding like a champ. They even released us early because you did so well. My lil overachiever already…well…you are a Wayne.

You have been with us 11 days and our adventures have included coming home, going from the living room to the bedroom, outside once and a ride to the airport to drop Mema off once.

We’re working really hard to get into a routine; your mom needs this in a big way. I don’t mind the night feedings it is the unknown of how long they will last that is difficult for me. We usually go at it for thirty minutes but it seems you still want more. We started supplementing with formula and the finger feeder. I think I will just be prepared every night to go that route so we can do our business and get back to sleep.

You enjoy resting on your Dad but he has been busy taking care of and occupying big brother of late. This is a humongous help for your mom and it just goes to show what you have to look forward to soon.

Tonight we start sleeping in the bassinet, we’ve done well with naps and mom needs to get ‘quality’ sleep and I really can’t do that with you on my chest. Not that I don’t love it but I sleeping on my chest at 16 may cause the neighbors to talk.

We are incredibly thankful and you seem to be a happy baby…we’re only 11 days in but that is the sense I get from you. I love your baby boy smell and the soft silkiness of your hair and the smoothness of your baby boy skin. We are so blessed to have you and I’m so looking forward to getting to know you and see your little personality emerge as the days go by.



Friday, June 6, 2008

Tickle me Mommy

Last night, this morning you came into our bedroom and your dad and I let you finish out the night in our bed. This morning when I woke you up the first thing ok…who are we kidding the second thing you asked me right after “Can I watch a show?” was “Mommy, why did you push my legs last night?”

Me: “Because you were kicking your brother and we don’t kick your brother”.

The boy: “Can I punch my brother?”

Me: “No, we don’t punch.”

The boy: “Can I flick my brother?”

Me: “No sweetie, that is not nice.”

The boy: “Can I tickle my brother?”

Me: “Yes, you can tickle your brother.”

At this time you proceed to tickle my belly.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Launch - 3 Weeks

Dear Monkey,

We are now inside one month of the birth window and you are about the size of a honeydew melon equivlent to 5 ¼ pounds. I went to visit the doc yesterday and she said you sound great. Right now you are movin around like no one’s business. I know there can’t be a lot of room in there and it seems you take issue when I sit, stand, lie down or breathe.

Next week your dad and I get to take a peek at you. I am really excited, I know you are there because you remind every say…five or so minutes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although we won’t officially meet for a few more weeks seeing you on TV is the next best thing.

Your dad and I finished your room this past weekend. I know you won’t be in it for a while but it helps to have it done now so it won’t take time away from getting to know you. I hope you enjoy your room, we have taken care to have aspects of all of us there to keep you feeling safe and secure and to remind you your family is around you at all times.

I had what I believe to be my first dream about you a week or so ago. I’m actually surprised I haven’t had any sooner but I wonder if it because I’ve done this before and I’m not as freaked out as I was when I was carrying your brother. I don’t remember much about the dream but I remember you had BIG…HUGE…GYNORMOUS blue eyes and you were sooo cute.

See, your mom is a big eye person, it is one of the first things I notice about a person. I don’t care what color your eyes are because they will be beautiful regardless…they will be yours. I just can’t wait to squeeze your cheeks!


My Handsome Boy...

This morning we were getting ready for school by brushing your teeth and you wanted to comb your hair, we are letting it grow now so you have something to comb. You picked up my comb and explained the following: “I have to comb my hair so I can look handsome.”

All I can say is thank goodness you are not a girl because I would have sent you to your room until you were thirty with a statement like that.


Oh Witty One...

We were all sitting at the dinner table last night, we were finishing up our dinner and as usual had the TV on to your favorite cartoons (I very clearly understand many people think having the TV on during dinner is the worst thing you can do as a parent right next to leaving your four year old at home alone but ya know what…it works for us, for now) and your dad and I were reading a magazine and all of the sudden you exlaim…”I bet he didn’t see that coming!” I look up at your dad for non verbal clarification and he already has his head in his hands cracking up and I begin laughing so hard I start crying.

I ask your dad what was going on in the cartoon and he proceeded to explain the end of the cartoon where the wolf was tormenting the dog while he was singing opera. At the end the dog got his revenge and brought the wolf on stage and started tormenting him…this is where you come in “I bet he didn’t see that coming!” YOU ARE A FREAKIN GENIUS. You are four…right…do your remember that? You aren’t supposed to be making witty statements of that caliber much less using them in the correct context.

Thank you son! What a great moment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

47 Months

Dear Bugamug,

Yeah…mom missed a month somewhere in there, I have an excuse your brother is sucking up all the cognitive knowledge located in what few brain cells I still have left. There was three months in Russia ya know…again…a story for another time when you are older.

This will be the last newsletter that you will officially be an only child. Next time around you will have a little brother. Take this moment to bask in all of your glory. Cause things…they are a changing. Although in the beginning you will most likely wonder what the heck we’re doing to you. How could we be so cruel as to bring this screaming, helpless OTHER boy into our family on purpose? I’m sure you will go through self doubt thinking you weren’t good enough or that we are punishing you for all those times you got bad reports at school.

Son…we are not punishing you. Look at it this way. You were and continue to be such a joy in our lives that your dad and I decided we needed two of you to challenge our superior parenting skills. Truthfully, although you don’t know it right now you guys will an opportunity to bond like no one else in this world. You boys will share the good, the bad and the ugly and be better for each. I hope you become best friends, no one will know you inside and out like your brother. Give it about four years, that pesky little person following you around will idolize you and put you so high upon a pedestal that you won’t be able to see the floor from all of the clouds in your way.

Earlier this month you attended an old friend’s birthday party, Kolby Davis. Your Dad and I found it quite interesting how you responded, we told you we were going to Pump It Up but we didn’t tell you why we were going. When we got there and you walked through the door you quickly hid behind my legs, taking it all in as you tend to do in new situations. At this point in your life…surprises tend to make you anxious and shy.

Ten minutes later…it was like you guys didn’t miss a beat. Running and jumping and screaming each others name. That is...UNTIL the new best friend came along. You were fighting for attention and finally decided to give up and do your own thing. Good call son. Those pesky girls are so flaky. Do your own thing and they will come running.

After the birthday party we went to Miss Cheryl’s surprise birthday party. There were a ton of older kids and we just let you run wild. There was an incident with the cue ball but mom thwarted your mad dash outside to do whatever it was in your little mind you were going to do with said cue ball, I honestly don’t even want to imagine the damage you would have done.

The following weekend we went to Miss Louisa’s graduation party. They went full out with a moon jump and tons o food. It was incredibly hot and although it was the evening I think the moon jump was too warm, even for you. You again played with all the kids and Mr. Chip took you to go jump on the trampoline and I hear you were teaching everyone else a thing or to. I’m not surprised my little daredevil.

Taekwondo is going good. You are getting better and better. Mr. Henderson has to get on to your for self discipline constantly. Dude…just stand still. LOL…easy enough for an almost four year old…right. Right now you are prepping for your next stripe and testing for your yellow belt. Your brother is due to make his arrival the day of testing so Mom and Dad will make arrangements for you to test a week or so later.

It’s hilarious watching you boys follow the instructor, the third stripe has you mimic the movements of the instructor and you all are just starting. You just started so it’s pretty much chaos and you don’t know what you are doing but I feel pretty confident in a couple of weeks you’ll be teaching your class how to do those movements.

Memorial weekend was low key for us; we did try and keep you busy and were successful at least one day. You and I made our way to the pool for the first time this year. It was a perfect day and you played and ran and swam and like the energizer bunny kept going and going and going. Finally I had to call it quits for lunch and a nap and although you were not happy you basically were so tired you put yourself to bed for a nap. Poor bug.

We finally made it down to Granny and Papa Boleyn’s and that other boy Donald. It’s been awhile and that is Mom’s fault, well how about we blame your brother. It was your brother’s fault but we got down there. You talked up a storm and more that one occasion they asked if you ever STOP talking. The answer is pretty much NO…unless there is a show on that has transformed you into some other dimension or underwater dilemma. You seem to enjoy your time with them and there are no shortage of hugs and kisses from all of you.

Yesterday we kept Monday low key since we had such a busy Sunday and I didn’t want you to go back to school tired and cranky so we watched TV and movies pretty much all day. Sunday night you were running from room to room shouting “I am Hasselhoff!” Your dad was in his office and I was coming down from upstairs and I had to ask for clarification before I passed out. So I ask your dad “Did he just say I am Hasselhoff?” Yep, was your dad’s reply. Oh good grief, you are so banned from watching The Spongebob Movie. I will not have that going on in my house young man.

Another ‘bedtime’ ritual that you seem to get a kick out of is jumping on your bed, clothing optional, shouting “I’m tired but I’m still going to do this”, then you plop down. Your dad laughs every time you do this just egging you on. The first few times…yeah…funny but the next 50, seriously just get your jammies on boy! Dad…OUT!

We’re letting your hair grow again and your looks are changing, you’re eating out of house and home again so we are prepping for another growth spurt. We signed you up for swimming lessons but they won’t start until mid July, and mom has a backup plan this year if it doesn’t work out.

I introduced you to mac and cheese with turkey hot dogs last week and that is pretty much your standard request every night.

Dad introduced you to nutella dipped in strawberries and you came out of the kitchen last night with a majority of it on your face, instead of in your mouth but we got the message…bring this stuff around more mom and dad, it’s totally awesome.

Your Dad and I are looking into your birthday present, I think you will love it but we are measuring and calculating and hopefully will be able to come up with something by your birthday next month. I predict how you will respond but you keep it interesting.

If you notice son I have not reported on anything negative this month…why you ask…well…you’ve been doing and continue to do great in school. You are learning, listening and even teaching your dad a thing or two. You seem happier and I know your Dad and I are as we don’t have to constantly get on to you for misbehaving at school. YAY you boy!! Your dad and I are very happy and proud of your progress. Keep it up son!!

Next month will be a busy month, you will meet your brother for the first time and a week later turn four, two pivotal events in your life. Your dad and I will be here for you, do not hesitate to sit us down and talk to us about how you are taking everything in.

I love you and you will always be my first love!


Friday, May 9, 2008


When you ask to be picked up you sing a line from the Dave Mathews Band song 'Everyday'..."Pick me up love...Everyday...". Compliments of your mom.

L-5 weeks and four days

Dear Monkey,

Today is the first of many newsletters and as time goes by I will attempt to write about your life, love and whatnots. Life is not a whatnot…but we’ll get into that and you mom and dad's passion for quoting movies another time. You already have one up on your brother as I waited until he was over two years old to start his blog.

Your dad and I found out you would be joining our family in October. We were and still are very excited. Your dad didn’t find out you were a 'he' until Christmas morning, Santa surprised him. As for your brother, we has some 'splainin to do since we originally told him you were a 'she'.

Speaking of your brother, you have an older brother, we call him Bugamug. He will be four when you make your official debut in this world. I can’t wait for you boys to meet and become life long friends. I know he can’t wait to meet you, I can even imagine he has a secret blog chronicling all the things he wants to teach you, good and bad.

A little about me: I’m 36, I work for a NASA contractor and I am a former go-go. I won’t go into detail here but ask your dad someday.

Your dad: He is 43, owns a chocolate empire and he loves music.

Your brother: He is 3 ¾ , and an old soul. He asks how you slept every morning and randomly ask how your day was. He is very loving and you will learn a lot from him. Let’s just stick with the good habits and try to minimize the bad habits.

All the while you’ve been growing in my tummy I must say in the grand scheme of things, it hasn’t been horrible. I was sick for the first four months and the last couple of months I’ve had pretty bad back spasms, I’ve been tired, exhausted and now I just feel fat waddling around and I refuse to waddle!

You seem to really enjoy SUGAR! Anything and everything sugar seems to be the theme of this pregnancy. That is most likely why I feel so exhausted, coming down from all the sugar highs.

That is all for now, as I don't want to overwhelm. I just wanted to introduce you to your immediate family with this first entry and let you know you are much loved and we all can’t wait for you to make your debut. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air and we are praying that you have a safe and healthy arrival. can thank Ms Jodie for your cute blog design.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

When asked if you wanted to go to Old McDonald's farm for a birthday party your response was "I just want to sing it...I don't want to go there."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Month 45

Dear Bugamug,

This last month started out with Landon’s birthday party. Landon and your Dad share the same birth date, we went to his house for a BBQ. I think you had a good time. Your Dad shared with me that you and Maddox were in the other room pouting when Lan was opening his presents. I know it is hard for you guys, plus he got some really cool stuff.

Most of the weekends this month consisted of errands and chores. Your Dad and I are attempting to get things in order before your brother makes his debut in less than eight weeks. You’ve been helping me plant lilies, trimming trees and organizing the garage. It’s been rather challenging but you do love to help so much…and I try to keep that in mind to keep you busy.

Taekwondo has been going really really well. You earned TWO STRIPES within a week. I was afraid you were going to expect stripes every time you showed up for class but thankfully this past class no one received a strip so you didn’t feel slighted.

Your Dad and I watch you and just shake our heads. You can always be heard over everyone eles (YES MA’AM). You have a big o smile on your face when you are allowed to run. You want to lead (and you are promptly reminded you cannot be the leader of the class until you obtain your black belt status in about 6-8 years), you have found shortcuts to things that don’t entirely make sense to you like hiding behind the bob’s and instead of squatting and standing back up you just remain squatting. Nice going son.

You received an outstanding report from your class yesterday and wanted to bring it in to your class. I said no because it had glitter on it and I didn’t see the relevance then your Dad remembered the kids’ bringing in their reports last week and they received a ‘Way to Go’; silly mommy. You brought your report in and you received a way to go and you earned your first star. Now we just have to get a visitor to come visit with you so you can get a V to sew that star on to.

That leads us to Dr. Ler.mer. Dad and I decided to go to a family counselor for some advice and coaching on how to handle a boy of your nature. It turns out you are extremely gifted, by his observation of course. Not that Dad and I don’t feel the same we just thought it was our biased opinion. You really enjoyed the visit with the doctor and he obviously made an impression on you, you are still bringing up his name. He gave us some good advice and we will see where we go from here in the coming months.

School just got better for you this last week. They moved you up to Sweet 450. You seemed to be adjusting quickly. Ms. Heather is so excited you are in her class she can’t stop talking about it. You also seem to be up the challenge of the big kid class. For now…”Oh No” reports are a thing of the past.

We had another BBQ in mid April at Ms. Nicole’s. She has to be the coolest ever. She rented a moon jump for you boys and you guys had a blast. We brought out the fire pit and you were obsessed. You boys had your drinks and cookies sitting around the fire. WAY TOO CUTE. Again we were there until about 10 and we didn’t get home until 11 and you were exhausted; MUST STAY AWAKE FOR SCOOBY DOO.

We found a new favorite show for you: Captain Planet. Actually it is a really good show about protecting the planet from pollution and such. I’ve taught you to turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth, you even remind me sometimes.

I began reading a children’s version of Treasure Island and you are riveted. We read a few pages every night and you seem to look forward to it. Pirates and Treasure…ARGH MATEY.

We had another BBQ at Mr. Paul’s house. You and Kyle had a fun time chasing each other around. Kyle and I left at the same time, I had a girls night a Ms Nicole’s and you were more upset that Kyle left than me. That’s lovely.

Last weekend you visited the ‘Shire’ with your Dad for the first time…that you know of. You were actually there when you are a baby but we only stopped by for a few pix the last time. Your dad said you had a blast on your adventure through the forest. He has plans to take you fishing Saturday morning. HOW FUN!! I know you boys will have a great time.

I swear you grow up everyday. It is hard to keep up with you sometimes. Dr. Lermer said you would surpass us at 8 with your intellect and wit…I’m thinking more like 5. I am grateful you have been blessed with your gifts and your Dad and I are going to try everything in our power to step up to the challenge and cultivate those gifts in the best way possible. Heaven help us.

I just called to RSVP you to birthday party for an old friend of yours, Kolby Davis. You haven’t seen her in almost a year but you still talk about her and apparently she still talks about you. I think I’m not going to tell you and let you be surprised.

You are very loved and we are very proud of you…keep being you.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

44 Months

Dear Bugamug,

On time two months in a row…I’m on a roll. This month has been nothing less than exciting. We are still keeping you very busy. A few notables from the month, you attended Tay.lor’s birthday party at It Up. Of course you LOVED it. You slid down the gynormous slide frontwards, backwards and upside down, BOY; no fear. You prolly would have done a swan dive off the top if you had thought about it. You and your dad played around a bit and your mom got some great shots, and you ran and ran and ran to your sweaty hearts content.

The following weekend your dad went to New Or.leans on a guys trip and true to form I kept you incredibly busy. That Saturday was by far your busiest day to date. First stop was TaeKwonDo. This was the first time you actually participated, second time to attended class. You did a stellar job. You listened, participated and looked to be enjoying what you were doing. So…I signed you up and you got your Gui. That’s where the fun abruptly stopped. The instructor put your jacket and your white belt on to take a picture and you were not happy at all. However, the picture you ended up taking made you look way intense which I don’t think is a bad thing. You are a force to be reckoned with.

After TaeKwonDo we went to I.HOP for breakfast. You got the JoJo pancakes. Which translates to pink and blue syrup with a pink sucker on top in honor of ‘Hor.ton Hears a Who’. You ate about half and had had your fill. I think you figured out that while it looked cool it did not live up to your expectations; you bogarted the strawberries from my pancakes instead.

After breakfast we headed to Gal.veston to the beach, the first time you went to the beach in Texas. We met Landon and Maddox there. OH MY GOSH did you have fun. I enjoyed just watching you take it all in and play to your hearts content without restriction.

We had all the best beach toys; I know this because other kids were migrating our way asking to play with our sand toys. There was a mishap regarding the sand castle you boys and Ms. Jodie were building but once we got past that it was smooth sailing. You decided to try out the water and it was COLD. You ran and ran and played and played then it was time to pack up and head to Maddox’s for dinner. When you told your dad you went to the beach you explained it the following way: “I was running in the water and the water totally came up and got me.” Totally…totally…my lil California boy; that is so cool.

At Maddox’s house you and the boys played some more. It was great going to a new house with new toys to keep you boys occupied. Landon and Maddox’s parents and I enjoyed some ‘adult’ time and got dinner ready while you boys played to your hearts content.

We finally wrapped it up around 10p and you showed no signs of slowing down. Where do you get all of your energy? We headed home which took about 45 min and you still didn’t fall asleep you were watching ‘Sco.oby Doo’. Only after we got our showers and I put you to bed did you fall asleep 5 minutes later AND you didn’t get up until 8:30 the next morning…that’s my boy.

On Sunday we had a low key day. I made breakfast and we got ready to go to the movies to see ‘Hort.on Hears A Who’. You enjoyed the movie. You were sitting in my lap at one point and your brother started kicking you in the back. You could feel him and it didn’t seem to bother you. You would just smile.

We had glorious naps then got ready to pick Dad up from the airport. I had a really a good weekend with you…thanks.

The following weekend was Easter weekend. I’m still trying to find a church so we haven’t gone yet, I swear by next year the Wayne’s will be in church celebrating Easter. Saturday we started off at TaeKwonDo, all I can say is we made progress from Thursday’s debacle. On Thursday we got to the door but you refused to go in. You had your Gui on but it must have been burning your skin or harming you in some way based on the way you were carrying on. We ended up leaving and sent you to your room and boy were you mad. Saturday morning we did get you in your Gui and in the building. Understanding your progress we told you that you could watch. You seemed content with that and we will try again on Thursday to actually participate IN your Gui.

In the afternoon you helped me scoop sand out of your sandbox in order to clean it up and make it useable. Your Dad and I are working to get that backyard in better shape so you can play out there more.

Sunday the Easter Bunny visited you. When Dad came back from Starbucks he went to find you to let you know he saw the Easter Bunny leaving our backyard. You totally scored. The Bunny left you a car basket that was bigger than you and hid a ton of eggs around the backyard. You went out in your jammy’s and loaded up. Your dad made his famous, incredible French toast then we colored a few eggs for fun. That afternoon you and I went on an ‘adventure’; we took a walk up to the park, you got bored then we went to the duck pond, through the tunnel, to the other duck pond and the other park then back home. It was delightful. We talked about things, sang songs, and watched all the animals. It was a few hours of just us that I will remember and cherish always.

Now, for the update regarding school; deep breathe…things aren’t going as well as we would like. The ‘Oh No’ reports have stopped but that is just because your teachers were told to stop reporting. Not sure that is the right answer because you understand that you don’t have to be accountable and you are getting away with things. Your Dad and I are still discussing what we are going to do to try and solve this problem. Your teachers believe that it will resolve itself after your brother is born. I’m hoping…

You are very loving to your brother as you watch my belly grow. You like to feel him kick and you ask how he is doing every day. Whenever you share snacks with me you always give one for me and one for your brother. You are already very thoughtful and loving toward him. I can’t wait for you boys to meet and become lifelong friends.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

43 Months

Dear Bugamug,

Look at me I’m actually on time…don’t get used to it. It’s been a month and it seems a long one at that. Your dad and I are at our wits end with you and your ‘oh no’ reports from school. The level of frustration is at its all time high. We’ve taken away TV, treats, you go to bed right after dinner without a story or me or your dad laying with you for 5 minutes. BOY!!! I’ve dangled sleeping in our bed AND playing with Kolby Davis and that still doesn’t trigger a change. Your dad called you in your classroom and that seemed to help. I tried this today since your dad is on a business trip in Ve.gas…we will see.

We are going to try Kar.ate in the next couple of weeks to see if you need an outlet for your energy and we believe that will provide more structure. Unfortunately your mom had the same issues and they greatly subsided when I joined soccer. Luckily we’re trying this kar.ate thing at 4 instead of 8. Cause good lord…we would probably make you walk to school both ways naked and if you kept this up for the next 4 years. For those parental activist groups I am just kidding…I would let him wear underware.

Now that is out of the way…I can talk about all the good things that happened this month. We went to Granny’s for her birthday that coincided with our monthly visits. You were very happy to see her and gave her a lot of hugs and she ate them all up. Papa was there in his blue jumper and that other boy Donald also made an appearance. You and the puppy Abby added A LOT of noise to nominally much quiet house. Abby likes to chase you around the living room and bark and you squeal. This went on…and on…to where the noise was too much for me to bare. Poor Granny and Papa…I think they were ready for us to leave sooner than later.

It seems you are finally reacquainted with your room and you don’t come down EVERY night and try to weasel you way into our bed. Also you’ve managed to stay in your bed after we put you down instead of the previous two hours later still trying to get you to go to bed. “I need some water”, “I need to go to the bathroom”, “MOM…MOM…cover me up!”. Good lord son…you almost drove me to drinkin.

You and your dad have had some great bonding time of late. I think it has been great for you, especially when your brother arrives you and your dad will be hanging out a lot more. I love to hear of all the things you guys do together…there is just some things mom doesn’t think of and thankfully you have a dad that does and I can tell you enjoy every minute of your time with him.

We went to the zoo with your Ms Jodie, Mr. Bryan, Miss. Nicole, Mr. Danny, Landon, Mr. Max, Ms, Melyssa and Max. It was a BEAUTIFUL day the weather was warm enough but not HOT. Most of the animals were out (the ones in cages too) and we had a good time. You are the oldest of the three boys, all about 1.5 apart and you so get a kick out of seeing them do what you do…even if you get in trouble because I know you like seeing them get in trouble too!

This past weekend we went to Moody Gardens, your first trip and I haven’t been there in 6 years. It is nice, pricey but nice. We went to the Aquarium and the Rainforst pyramid. Yeah…you weren’t interested. You had more fun just running about, especially since the floor sloped down the entire way…gotta love gravity and the sensation of running fast and running over everything in your path. Excuse him…Seth Allen…excuse him…Seth Allen. That was the theme of the afternoon. Good grief boy you are challenging. As we were leaving Ms. Melyssa spotted a playground and you boys went to town. We could have saved our money and just played there for four hours. We ended up at dinner at Cas.ey’s on the seawall and I had had enough. WHERE is your OFF BUTTON. You would not be quiet. Where do you get it? You didn’t even fall asleep on the way home…did you forget you DID NOT have a nap? Thankfully mom thought ahead and bought you a new DVD and that occupied you for the entire way home. I would kiss the person that invented the portable DVD player if he/she were standing in front of me…tongue and everything. Ok...I digress…I’ll save that for my blog. I apologize son.

Things heard at the dinner table from a certain 3.5 year old.

“Dad…this dinner is good…or shall I say Honey…this dinner is good.”

The hubby and I were hugging in the kitchen, said 3.5 yr old “awe”.

I’ll have to ask your dad about the few more that currently escapes me. Oh you listen…and you listen good you just choose not to listen when you want to.

By the by I love you very much. Challenges and I all I wouldn’t have you any other way than you are…except perhaps the listening and minding part. :D


Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl XLII

Yesterday was Superbowl 42, Patriots vs Giants. This was a significant superbowl regarding the Patriots bid to go 19-0 for the season, only one other team in the NFL has gone undefeated, the 1972 Miami Dolphins. How’s that info coming from MOM. That’s right, I know a thing or two about sports.

I’m not going to do an in depth commentary about the game. It was a pretty boring game to say the least until the fourth quarter and the game was 7-3 Patriots. The Patriots scored with less than 5 minutes to go in the fourth making it 14-10. The Giants got the ball back with four minutes left on the clock and went down the field for a touchdown, game ends 14-17 Giants. HUGE upset.

As you are not into watching football yet your dad and I set you up in our bedroom with a couple of rented movies and all the snacks your little bowl could carry. Funguns were a big hit with you. Transformers didn’t hold your attention but boy howdy we didn’t see or hear you for an hour and fifteen while you watched Rugrats. All in all you did great. Asking you to stay out of sight for three hours was a tall order and you managed about two hours. Nice job boy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

42 months and 3 weeks

Dear Bugamug,

Well your mother is WAY behind on your newsletters. I apologize. I somehow hope this brief hole in your existence doesn’t lead you on a path of crime and evil. Not that you haven’t been at the forefront of my thoughts at some point everyday, there is just so many hours in a day and it seems I need more. You won’t understand this until you are at least 30 years old with a family, and a career of your own. I didn’t get it until about six months ago. Before then there seemed to be too many hours in the day and I was just wishing the day away trying to figure out what to do with my time.

There have been several changes in your life since your last newsletter. You have done great with potty training since we had our party in April. I brag about you to all that will listen and they can’t believe it was all done in a day. I have come to realize that waiting so long actually helped.

We took our first family vacation in May to San Antonio.

We had your 3rd birthday party at Pump It Up in Kingwood. It is an indoor inflatable jumping experience. About 10 of your friends showed up and you had a blast. Running, jumping, pizza, cake and presents! We should do this everyday! (Oh god NO!)

In July we decided to change schools. Prim.rose just wasn’t doing what we thought they should regarding curriculum and discipline. Kids.R.Kids built a new school down the road and we went for a visit and really liked what we saw and heard and decided to make the switch. The decision was again hard on me, I hated you having to leave your best friend and be ‘the new kid’ yet again. Your Dad and myself believe we have your best interest at heart even if you don’t understand it yet…you will.

We also FINALLY put away your crib and purchased a big boy bed and furniture. We took the side off your crib and you would not have anything to do with staying in your bed with all that freedom of running around at all hours. Your bedroom has been converted into a Surf and Skate theme…we hope you like it. Your Dad and I try to be hip when we can. When we fail miserably I still want points for times like this when we do it right.

The rest of the Summer was a big adjustment in your new school. It didn’t seem to be working out well. You were getting into trouble, not listening and ending up with the principal way more than I ever did at your age. So…we finally figured out you were bored and asked them to move you into the next class. BINGO. That lasted about few months until your old classmates moved up and the behavior issues started again. You are a smart one and you definitely keep your teachers on their toes. They have gone so far to tell me and your Dad that you are the reason they get up in the morning and teach. You continue to be challenging but they love you and you always become their favorite…even when you are not listening or tearing up your artwork or disturbing others a nap time.

A funny thing, you have Spanish every afternoon and you hate it, never listen, never participate BUT you know it. Your teacher says the only way you won’t disrupt others is if she sits down with you. Even though you don’t participate, when asked, you will tend to show off and regurgitate everything that has been taught, almost as if what you are learning is so 6 months ago and you so don't have time for this right now. That’s my boy.

In October you received some news that our family is growing by one. You seemed to take the news very well. Your dad and I did make the mistake of telling you it was a girl and you fell in love with her. You even decided to tell your teachers ‘Mommy has baby Sydney in her tummy.’ Thanks for that, Mom got a talking to from Ms. Pam on that one because Ms. Pam didn't find out first. Unfortunately mom and dad found out the baby was going to be a brother and not a sister and you were not happy one bit. ‘I don’t like boys, I like girls.’ It seems you have come around, you’ve started talking to your brother again while he is my ever growing belly.

At Christmas we decided to go to California to visit your dad's relatives. It was your first plane ride and you were so very excited. Mom and Dad prepared with snacks, books, and a definite must have...the DVD player (angels singing). Even though the flight wasn’t exactly like the last time mom had flown ALONE it was fun to share your first experience with you.

California was great, you had a blast. Everyday was a new adventure. You bonded with your cousins and Aunt Stef quickly. You had your first sleepover at Mema’s and liked it so much you did it again. HEAVEN. You also had your first Christmas experience at Nana and Papa’s. We went to Legoland, the beach (WHICH YOU LOVED), the aquarium, Bolboa park, and to visit some of Dad’s friends. You also had your dad and I doing laundry at 2 am one morning. Note to others out there…never give a young boy spaghetti sauce that has Vodka in the incredients. Doesn’t look or smell too good the second time around. You had this flying thing down pat as you slept through landing as we touched down at home.

That pretty much highlights the last 10 months of your life. Your favorite show(s) are Justice League, Batman and PowerRangers. You are better about the clothes you wear and seem to be growing out of the phase where certain articles of clothing burn the skin off of your bones when we put them on you. You will however not stay in your bed since we got back from California. You say you are afraid of the dark. Even though you have a night light in your room and my office light stays on to illuminate the hallway and there is a nightlight in the bathroom. So…kid…are you manipulating or are you truly scared. I am going to try one more thing tonight, switching of the noisemakers. I suspect the 10 year old noisemaker is making sounds that my be waking you at night. We will see.

You are a very strong will boy and your dad and I are finding it challenging helping you to display your dissatisfaction in way other than temper tantrums. “I want cheese, two cheeses.” “Ok” “I want strawberries.” “No, you can have cheese for a snack, not strawberries.” Here is where you fall to the floor in agony…the audacity that I, the mommy, tell you...the child...that you cannot have strawberries. Where is the justice in this world. I know…I know…We are currently working on government legislation for parents to be flogged 100 times if requests by three year olds are not satisified immediately.

Boy…you are a stinker but how you have made my life complete. I never imagined or believed my heart could love so much. You teach me things everyday about myself. You bring out my strengths and my weaknesses and when you reach out for me, hug and kiss me or snuggle with me at night for storytime those weaknesses seem to fade away.