Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Launch - 3 Weeks

Dear Monkey,

We are now inside one month of the birth window and you are about the size of a honeydew melon equivlent to 5 ¼ pounds. I went to visit the doc yesterday and she said you sound great. Right now you are movin around like no one’s business. I know there can’t be a lot of room in there and it seems you take issue when I sit, stand, lie down or breathe.

Next week your dad and I get to take a peek at you. I am really excited, I know you are there because you remind every say…five or so minutes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although we won’t officially meet for a few more weeks seeing you on TV is the next best thing.

Your dad and I finished your room this past weekend. I know you won’t be in it for a while but it helps to have it done now so it won’t take time away from getting to know you. I hope you enjoy your room, we have taken care to have aspects of all of us there to keep you feeling safe and secure and to remind you your family is around you at all times.

I had what I believe to be my first dream about you a week or so ago. I’m actually surprised I haven’t had any sooner but I wonder if it because I’ve done this before and I’m not as freaked out as I was when I was carrying your brother. I don’t remember much about the dream but I remember you had BIG…HUGE…GYNORMOUS blue eyes and you were sooo cute.

See, your mom is a big eye person, it is one of the first things I notice about a person. I don’t care what color your eyes are because they will be beautiful regardless…they will be yours. I just can’t wait to squeeze your cheeks!


My Handsome Boy...

This morning we were getting ready for school by brushing your teeth and you wanted to comb your hair, we are letting it grow now so you have something to comb. You picked up my comb and explained the following: “I have to comb my hair so I can look handsome.”

All I can say is thank goodness you are not a girl because I would have sent you to your room until you were thirty with a statement like that.


Oh Witty One...

We were all sitting at the dinner table last night, we were finishing up our dinner and as usual had the TV on to your favorite cartoons (I very clearly understand many people think having the TV on during dinner is the worst thing you can do as a parent right next to leaving your four year old at home alone but ya know what…it works for us, for now) and your dad and I were reading a magazine and all of the sudden you exlaim…”I bet he didn’t see that coming!” I look up at your dad for non verbal clarification and he already has his head in his hands cracking up and I begin laughing so hard I start crying.

I ask your dad what was going on in the cartoon and he proceeded to explain the end of the cartoon where the wolf was tormenting the dog while he was singing opera. At the end the dog got his revenge and brought the wolf on stage and started tormenting him…this is where you come in “I bet he didn’t see that coming!” YOU ARE A FREAKIN GENIUS. You are four…right…do your remember that? You aren’t supposed to be making witty statements of that caliber much less using them in the correct context.

Thank you son! What a great moment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

47 Months

Dear Bugamug,

Yeah…mom missed a month somewhere in there, I have an excuse your brother is sucking up all the cognitive knowledge located in what few brain cells I still have left. There was three months in Russia ya know…again…a story for another time when you are older.

This will be the last newsletter that you will officially be an only child. Next time around you will have a little brother. Take this moment to bask in all of your glory. Cause things…they are a changing. Although in the beginning you will most likely wonder what the heck we’re doing to you. How could we be so cruel as to bring this screaming, helpless OTHER boy into our family on purpose? I’m sure you will go through self doubt thinking you weren’t good enough or that we are punishing you for all those times you got bad reports at school.

Son…we are not punishing you. Look at it this way. You were and continue to be such a joy in our lives that your dad and I decided we needed two of you to challenge our superior parenting skills. Truthfully, although you don’t know it right now you guys will an opportunity to bond like no one else in this world. You boys will share the good, the bad and the ugly and be better for each. I hope you become best friends, no one will know you inside and out like your brother. Give it about four years, that pesky little person following you around will idolize you and put you so high upon a pedestal that you won’t be able to see the floor from all of the clouds in your way.

Earlier this month you attended an old friend’s birthday party, Kolby Davis. Your Dad and I found it quite interesting how you responded, we told you we were going to Pump It Up but we didn’t tell you why we were going. When we got there and you walked through the door you quickly hid behind my legs, taking it all in as you tend to do in new situations. At this point in your life…surprises tend to make you anxious and shy.

Ten minutes later…it was like you guys didn’t miss a beat. Running and jumping and screaming each others name. That is...UNTIL the new best friend came along. You were fighting for attention and finally decided to give up and do your own thing. Good call son. Those pesky girls are so flaky. Do your own thing and they will come running.

After the birthday party we went to Miss Cheryl’s surprise birthday party. There were a ton of older kids and we just let you run wild. There was an incident with the cue ball but mom thwarted your mad dash outside to do whatever it was in your little mind you were going to do with said cue ball, I honestly don’t even want to imagine the damage you would have done.

The following weekend we went to Miss Louisa’s graduation party. They went full out with a moon jump and tons o food. It was incredibly hot and although it was the evening I think the moon jump was too warm, even for you. You again played with all the kids and Mr. Chip took you to go jump on the trampoline and I hear you were teaching everyone else a thing or to. I’m not surprised my little daredevil.

Taekwondo is going good. You are getting better and better. Mr. Henderson has to get on to your for self discipline constantly. Dude…just stand still. LOL…easy enough for an almost four year old…right. Right now you are prepping for your next stripe and testing for your yellow belt. Your brother is due to make his arrival the day of testing so Mom and Dad will make arrangements for you to test a week or so later.

It’s hilarious watching you boys follow the instructor, the third stripe has you mimic the movements of the instructor and you all are just starting. You just started so it’s pretty much chaos and you don’t know what you are doing but I feel pretty confident in a couple of weeks you’ll be teaching your class how to do those movements.

Memorial weekend was low key for us; we did try and keep you busy and were successful at least one day. You and I made our way to the pool for the first time this year. It was a perfect day and you played and ran and swam and like the energizer bunny kept going and going and going. Finally I had to call it quits for lunch and a nap and although you were not happy you basically were so tired you put yourself to bed for a nap. Poor bug.

We finally made it down to Granny and Papa Boleyn’s and that other boy Donald. It’s been awhile and that is Mom’s fault, well how about we blame your brother. It was your brother’s fault but we got down there. You talked up a storm and more that one occasion they asked if you ever STOP talking. The answer is pretty much NO…unless there is a show on that has transformed you into some other dimension or underwater dilemma. You seem to enjoy your time with them and there are no shortage of hugs and kisses from all of you.

Yesterday we kept Monday low key since we had such a busy Sunday and I didn’t want you to go back to school tired and cranky so we watched TV and movies pretty much all day. Sunday night you were running from room to room shouting “I am Hasselhoff!” Your dad was in his office and I was coming down from upstairs and I had to ask for clarification before I passed out. So I ask your dad “Did he just say I am Hasselhoff?” Yep, was your dad’s reply. Oh good grief, you are so banned from watching The Spongebob Movie. I will not have that going on in my house young man.

Another ‘bedtime’ ritual that you seem to get a kick out of is jumping on your bed, clothing optional, shouting “I’m tired but I’m still going to do this”, then you plop down. Your dad laughs every time you do this just egging you on. The first few times…yeah…funny but the next 50, seriously just get your jammies on boy! Dad…OUT!

We’re letting your hair grow again and your looks are changing, you’re eating out of house and home again so we are prepping for another growth spurt. We signed you up for swimming lessons but they won’t start until mid July, and mom has a backup plan this year if it doesn’t work out.

I introduced you to mac and cheese with turkey hot dogs last week and that is pretty much your standard request every night.

Dad introduced you to nutella dipped in strawberries and you came out of the kitchen last night with a majority of it on your face, instead of in your mouth but we got the message…bring this stuff around more mom and dad, it’s totally awesome.

Your Dad and I are looking into your birthday present, I think you will love it but we are measuring and calculating and hopefully will be able to come up with something by your birthday next month. I predict how you will respond but you keep it interesting.

If you notice son I have not reported on anything negative this month…why you ask…well…you’ve been doing and continue to do great in school. You are learning, listening and even teaching your dad a thing or two. You seem happier and I know your Dad and I are as we don’t have to constantly get on to you for misbehaving at school. YAY you boy!! Your dad and I are very happy and proud of your progress. Keep it up son!!

Next month will be a busy month, you will meet your brother for the first time and a week later turn four, two pivotal events in your life. Your dad and I will be here for you, do not hesitate to sit us down and talk to us about how you are taking everything in.

I love you and you will always be my first love!


Friday, May 9, 2008


When you ask to be picked up you sing a line from the Dave Mathews Band song 'Everyday'..."Pick me up love...Everyday...". Compliments of your mom.

L-5 weeks and four days

Dear Monkey,

Today is the first of many newsletters and as time goes by I will attempt to write about your life, love and whatnots. Life is not a whatnot…but we’ll get into that and you mom and dad's passion for quoting movies another time. You already have one up on your brother as I waited until he was over two years old to start his blog.

Your dad and I found out you would be joining our family in October. We were and still are very excited. Your dad didn’t find out you were a 'he' until Christmas morning, Santa surprised him. As for your brother, we has some 'splainin to do since we originally told him you were a 'she'.

Speaking of your brother, you have an older brother, we call him Bugamug. He will be four when you make your official debut in this world. I can’t wait for you boys to meet and become life long friends. I know he can’t wait to meet you, I can even imagine he has a secret blog chronicling all the things he wants to teach you, good and bad.

A little about me: I’m 36, I work for a NASA contractor and I am a former go-go. I won’t go into detail here but ask your dad someday.

Your dad: He is 43, owns a chocolate empire and he loves music.

Your brother: He is 3 ¾ , and an old soul. He asks how you slept every morning and randomly ask how your day was. He is very loving and you will learn a lot from him. Let’s just stick with the good habits and try to minimize the bad habits.

All the while you’ve been growing in my tummy I must say in the grand scheme of things, it hasn’t been horrible. I was sick for the first four months and the last couple of months I’ve had pretty bad back spasms, I’ve been tired, exhausted and now I just feel fat waddling around and I refuse to waddle!

You seem to really enjoy SUGAR! Anything and everything sugar seems to be the theme of this pregnancy. That is most likely why I feel so exhausted, coming down from all the sugar highs.

That is all for now, as I don't want to overwhelm. I just wanted to introduce you to your immediate family with this first entry and let you know you are much loved and we all can’t wait for you to make your debut. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air and we are praying that you have a safe and healthy arrival. can thank Ms Jodie for your cute blog design.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

When asked if you wanted to go to Old McDonald's farm for a birthday party your response was "I just want to sing it...I don't want to go there."