Wednesday, January 16, 2008

42 months and 3 weeks

Dear Bugamug,

Well your mother is WAY behind on your newsletters. I apologize. I somehow hope this brief hole in your existence doesn’t lead you on a path of crime and evil. Not that you haven’t been at the forefront of my thoughts at some point everyday, there is just so many hours in a day and it seems I need more. You won’t understand this until you are at least 30 years old with a family, and a career of your own. I didn’t get it until about six months ago. Before then there seemed to be too many hours in the day and I was just wishing the day away trying to figure out what to do with my time.

There have been several changes in your life since your last newsletter. You have done great with potty training since we had our party in April. I brag about you to all that will listen and they can’t believe it was all done in a day. I have come to realize that waiting so long actually helped.

We took our first family vacation in May to San Antonio.

We had your 3rd birthday party at Pump It Up in Kingwood. It is an indoor inflatable jumping experience. About 10 of your friends showed up and you had a blast. Running, jumping, pizza, cake and presents! We should do this everyday! (Oh god NO!)

In July we decided to change schools. Prim.rose just wasn’t doing what we thought they should regarding curriculum and discipline. Kids.R.Kids built a new school down the road and we went for a visit and really liked what we saw and heard and decided to make the switch. The decision was again hard on me, I hated you having to leave your best friend and be ‘the new kid’ yet again. Your Dad and myself believe we have your best interest at heart even if you don’t understand it yet…you will.

We also FINALLY put away your crib and purchased a big boy bed and furniture. We took the side off your crib and you would not have anything to do with staying in your bed with all that freedom of running around at all hours. Your bedroom has been converted into a Surf and Skate theme…we hope you like it. Your Dad and I try to be hip when we can. When we fail miserably I still want points for times like this when we do it right.

The rest of the Summer was a big adjustment in your new school. It didn’t seem to be working out well. You were getting into trouble, not listening and ending up with the principal way more than I ever did at your age. So…we finally figured out you were bored and asked them to move you into the next class. BINGO. That lasted about few months until your old classmates moved up and the behavior issues started again. You are a smart one and you definitely keep your teachers on their toes. They have gone so far to tell me and your Dad that you are the reason they get up in the morning and teach. You continue to be challenging but they love you and you always become their favorite…even when you are not listening or tearing up your artwork or disturbing others a nap time.

A funny thing, you have Spanish every afternoon and you hate it, never listen, never participate BUT you know it. Your teacher says the only way you won’t disrupt others is if she sits down with you. Even though you don’t participate, when asked, you will tend to show off and regurgitate everything that has been taught, almost as if what you are learning is so 6 months ago and you so don't have time for this right now. That’s my boy.

In October you received some news that our family is growing by one. You seemed to take the news very well. Your dad and I did make the mistake of telling you it was a girl and you fell in love with her. You even decided to tell your teachers ‘Mommy has baby Sydney in her tummy.’ Thanks for that, Mom got a talking to from Ms. Pam on that one because Ms. Pam didn't find out first. Unfortunately mom and dad found out the baby was going to be a brother and not a sister and you were not happy one bit. ‘I don’t like boys, I like girls.’ It seems you have come around, you’ve started talking to your brother again while he is my ever growing belly.

At Christmas we decided to go to California to visit your dad's relatives. It was your first plane ride and you were so very excited. Mom and Dad prepared with snacks, books, and a definite must have...the DVD player (angels singing). Even though the flight wasn’t exactly like the last time mom had flown ALONE it was fun to share your first experience with you.

California was great, you had a blast. Everyday was a new adventure. You bonded with your cousins and Aunt Stef quickly. You had your first sleepover at Mema’s and liked it so much you did it again. HEAVEN. You also had your first Christmas experience at Nana and Papa’s. We went to Legoland, the beach (WHICH YOU LOVED), the aquarium, Bolboa park, and to visit some of Dad’s friends. You also had your dad and I doing laundry at 2 am one morning. Note to others out there…never give a young boy spaghetti sauce that has Vodka in the incredients. Doesn’t look or smell too good the second time around. You had this flying thing down pat as you slept through landing as we touched down at home.

That pretty much highlights the last 10 months of your life. Your favorite show(s) are Justice League, Batman and PowerRangers. You are better about the clothes you wear and seem to be growing out of the phase where certain articles of clothing burn the skin off of your bones when we put them on you. You will however not stay in your bed since we got back from California. You say you are afraid of the dark. Even though you have a night light in your room and my office light stays on to illuminate the hallway and there is a nightlight in the bathroom. So…kid…are you manipulating or are you truly scared. I am going to try one more thing tonight, switching of the noisemakers. I suspect the 10 year old noisemaker is making sounds that my be waking you at night. We will see.

You are a very strong will boy and your dad and I are finding it challenging helping you to display your dissatisfaction in way other than temper tantrums. “I want cheese, two cheeses.” “Ok” “I want strawberries.” “No, you can have cheese for a snack, not strawberries.” Here is where you fall to the floor in agony…the audacity that I, the mommy, tell you...the child...that you cannot have strawberries. Where is the justice in this world. I know…I know…We are currently working on government legislation for parents to be flogged 100 times if requests by three year olds are not satisified immediately.

Boy…you are a stinker but how you have made my life complete. I never imagined or believed my heart could love so much. You teach me things everyday about myself. You bring out my strengths and my weaknesses and when you reach out for me, hug and kiss me or snuggle with me at night for storytime those weaknesses seem to fade away.