Monday, December 18, 2006

Visit with Santa

It has been a while and I apologize. Mommy has been very busy with work and visits with Santa regarding your presents.

You had your first "official" visit with Santa on the 9th. Our community had a "Winter Wonderland" and Santa stopped by.

While we were standing in line Dad asked you what you wanted and you said Cars, you love cars! We asked you what else you wanted and you said you didn't know. Mommy tried to help you out by asking you if you wanted world peace and you just looked at me funny.

We continued to prep you with your list for Santa. Just before the big moment we asked what you wanted and you said "Cars but not World peace". Your dad and I almost fell on the floor laughing. It was hilarious.

It was your time to shine, the moment arrived and as you walked up to Santa you were a bit intimidated. I can see why. An over weight, bearded guy with a red suit and boots. Did he realize it was 80 degrees outside? Anyway, you stood beside him with your figures in your mouth, clearly messmermized by the magnitude of the event of actually meeting Santa. Daddy took a few pictures to document the event and we were on our way to the balloon animals. You never quite got to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas but he knows...he always knows. Plus...Mom and Dad got some extra "Santa" time and we told him a few things that we thought you might like as well.

On our way home we went and looked at lights. I think you were still reeling with your visit from Santa and we promptly called it a night.

One more is so amazing to see the excitement and awe through your eyes. You ask Daddy to tell you the story of the cardinal and Grandma Helen. Every time a new present appears under the tree you squeal with excitement. We can't wait to share Christmas morning with you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nana and Papa are here!

Nana and Papa from California came to visit us for Thanksgiving. When I got home yesterday you were playing with them in your game room and were smiling from ear to ear. We have video chats with them every now and again and you love when "Geoffrey" the girafe stops by for a chat. You also hear Papa on the answering machine leaving messages on the weekend.

This morning I dropped you off and were not happy at all. I hate to leave you when you are so upset. You usually get this way when I drop you off for the first time in a long while, Daddy normally takes you in the morning. I know you wanted to stay home and play with Daddy and Nana and Papa. I told you they would pick you up early but that didn't console you. We will watch Cars on Sunday and that is all you can talk about and I know you will enjoy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 20, 2006

"We're all Tooting"

Yes...out of the mouth of babes! dear are quite an extradorinary little boy (yes...I'm biased...but I'm am your mother). You and your dear Dad were sitting at the table having dinner and I came in from the other room and you proceeded to explain..."We're all tooting". Your dad and I laughed and laughed and we're still laughing about it. Boys!

You had quite a busy weekend. We ran errands mostly on Saturday. You went with me to the grocery where you got a spiderman lunch box and a watch because Mom bought 3 Kraft products. You absolutely had to put the watch on like Mommy. After your nap we went to the antique store where you and Daddy went up and down the aisle "looking but not touching" (yeah right). You did great for a 2.5 year old.

Sunday was ALOT more eventful, Daddy FINALLY put together your sandboat which had mainatined a permanent place in the living room since June 26th (your birthday). When you got up on Sunday the first thing you asked was "where is my fort?". You helped Daddy for a bit but after the "spitting" incident he sent you inside with me. After your nap, as promised, Daddy filled your boat with sand and you played in your boat for awhile before we went to watch our Sunday matinee "Monsters Inc". The movie scared you a bit at first but Mommy and Daddy explained that it was just pretend and they were nice, silly monsters. You didn't move from you seat and except for showing Daddy the goober you put in your nose once or twice it was a great time.

Nana and Papa come in tomorrow. We will be watching Cars with them on Sunday. We can't wait to watch you watch that movie!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sausage Monster

You stole my sausage this morning! LOL!!! My breakfast is 2 soy sausages and an engligh muffin and this morning while I was waiting for my muffins you stole one of my sausages. Then you went back for more. Stinker! I called you the sausage monster and you wanted to know where it was. I told you it was you and you laughed. You and your dad started a new ritual in the mornings, he lets you drive down the driveway on your way to school. I got to witness it this morning. It was sweet, you were sitting in your Dad's lap with a big o' smile on your face turning the windshield wipers on and off. These are the experiences that I hope you are able to remember as an adult that allow you to remember how much you are loved.

Catching poo pooed in your potty last week. YAY!! It was during your bath and you got out and sat on your potty. You were very calm about the situation and I am sooo proud of you. You asked to pee pee in the big potty the other day but I think we will stick with your potty and become more diligent about the potty on a more regular basis.

We're getting ready for Nana and PaPa to come for Thanksgiving and we're having Great Granny Grunt, Aunt Jen and my family over as well. It should make for a homey holiday I hope everyone is on their best behavior!

Thursday, November 9, 2006

28 Months and 19 Days

Several mothers across the land chronicle their child's life starting at conception. I've been the mom that have too much time on their hands. As I go back read the experiences of pregnancy and late nights with various people I can't help but wish I had done the same. it starts. Although I won't remember your first word or when you took your first step you will have many more firsts and starting today you will read about them. This blog is for you son. You are 28 months and 19 days today and "this is your life." (starting today)

You continue to amaze your father and me with your development, demeanor and overall self control. I call you an "old soul". You have a gentle nature and pensive disposition. You do not do anything before you have studied your surroundings and others that are participating in an activity. Once you are comfortable and understand the activity there is no shortage of excitement and fun that is reflected in your expressions.

Things that you enjoy: NEMO, sand, feeding the ducks, McDonald's - nuggets and fries, helping Mom in the kitchen (we've made cupcakes and brownies together), playing "Spot the trashcans" and listening to SKA music in the morning with Daddy, Sunday afternoon matinees, making popcorn with Daddy and putting Goobers in your popcorn. You love cars, trucks, excavators, dump trucks and monster trucks. Sometimes when we get home we wait for the trucks to pass and they honk at you. Handy Manny and the Upside Down Show are your favorite shows. I think Dora and Wonder Pets are a close second. You know Toy Story and Lion King by heart. Mommy reads the Lion King book to you at night and every now and then you spout off "your future king is my son".

Things that you dislike: Timeout, getting woken up from your nap early, mean boys, going anywhere when you have been woken up from your nap early and thunder.

Food that you like: Burritos, Spaghetti, Chicken nuggets and fries, breakfast tacos, pancakes, eggs, sausage, corn and corn on the cob, broccoli, cheese turkey burgers, baked beans, corn dogs without the outside batter and anything that you can dip in sauce.

Food that you dislike: ALL veggies (except corn). The weird veggies that Daddy likes (most people don't like those veggies either). Sushi and avocado.

You are not a big junk food eater, you love the occasional brownie that you get from the spaghetti dinner and every now and again you'll have candy from your Halloween stash. You LOVE chocolate. Who makes the chocolate? "Daddy".

Last night you told me that you "Can't see because of what you are doing." Pretty articulate for a 28 month old. You tell me when you are cold and when you don't feel good. You are very good about using your words. You have a memory that is incredible. You demonstrate daily what a sponge you are and nothing gets by you. You in early pre-school II at school and in a couple of weeks you are transitioning to preschool. Pre-Kindergarten is next then Kindergarten and then you will be driving. Your best friend at school is Kolby and you participate in gymnastics and music classes which you really seem to enjoy. Taylor is your other friend outside of school and you and he are best pals when you aren't trying to drop things on his head when you are upstairs and he is downstairs.

Our routine at night starts with a bath, then jammie time dance (Stop...Jammie Time) and brush your teeth. We then say goodnight to NEMO and Daddy and I read and we say your prayers. When we are "relaxing" just before I tuck you in you hug me real tight and tell me "I love you so much." When I tuck you in you ask me to leave the bathroom light on. You are a great sleeper (you can thank your mom for that one...and your mom and dad thank you as well). Usually on the weekends you don't get up until we get you up around 9:30 and that is only because you need a nap sometime in the early afternoon.

Overall, you seem like a very happy boy. You know how to use "that's punk rock" and "it's all jacked up" in a sentence. You can identify the lunar module and Mommy is teaching you about the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and that the NASA KC-135 is known as the vomit comment.

Last night was rough going to bed. Your back molars are coming in and that seems to be messing with your system. You had diaper rash yesterday because of your bowel movement and didn't want to take a bath. You wanted your Daddy when we went to sleep but I think you were just overly tired and not feeling well. I rocked you for about 30 minutes and you went to bed fine. When Daddy and I came in and got you this morning you were perfect and in a good mood. Perhaps it was because it was "spot the trashcan" day with Daddy. When I left this morning you and Daddy were walking down our street to go check out the excavators. It made me smile.