Friday, November 21, 2008

Newsletter: Month 5

Dear Monkey,

Another month in the books; I can’t believe how time is flying and how much you are growing. In the evenings before you go to sleep I just look down at your innocent face as you look back at me and both of us are smiling. I love our evenings together in the soft darkness of your room rocking to the hum of the noise maker and fan lulling you to sleep. You are truly an angel sent from heaven. I wrap you up like a burrito and rest your head on my shoulder and breathe in your scent, it is so very intoxicating. I know these nights won’t last so I cherish everyone.

This past month we found ourselves in the doctor’s office. Your “movements” (another word for poop) were very loose and frequent. I had to go pick you up from daycare on two occasions. The doc said a bug was going around and you weren’t dehydrated, that was a relief. It took about seven days before you got over it. Now…you are regular as clockwork. I thought you would appreciate that.

You are working on your next milestone – sitting up. You hate laying down these days and you love…love…love to sit up. You can do it a bit if your hands are bracing you in sort of a tripodish fashion. After a minute or two you start to lean and whoop…there ya went.

You have discovered your feet as well and you love to grab them all the while squealing in delight.

You are doing great with your food. Bananas seem to be your favorite right now. Soon I will start the veggies and perhaps beef or chicken stuff. We will see.

As far as sleeping goes it is hit or miss. Some nights you sleep all the way through others you get up at 2 or close to 5 but I can pretty much always get you back to sleep easily and on the weekends we can sleep in till 7 or 8.

Turning over is getting stronger but you hate being on your back so much I am not sure if you will be able to master it…you have to be standing or at the very least standing up.

Turkey day is next week and you will get to meet Nana and Papa from California. You will love them and Nana is going to eat you up!

Tomorrow you will visit Miss Jodie for a couple of hours; I know you will have fun. Next newsletter it will just about be Christmas, I can’t wait.

Until next month...


Friday, November 14, 2008

52 Months

First let me address the missing newsletter for September. Ike ate it…and I am not even joking. September 11th the family loaded up the car and went to Dallas to escape the wrath of Ike. Your Dad and I attempted to explain the situation to you but I am not sure you truly grasped the situation until we returned home. We tried to make a vacation out of the “event” and I hope it wasn’t to traumatic for you with the spending time with the family, eating out, yummy breakfast every morning, spending time at the pool with Dad and going to the zoo with me and your brother. We visited the site where John F. Kennedy was assassinated but the significance really didn’t hit home with you…yet. It will one day.

You were a trooper when Dad had to return home early to start rebuilding the chocolate factory that was almost lost. During this time you were very helpful to me and the baby and after a few days of lounging around in Dallas we headed home.

When we returned home I believe seeing the damage from Ike gave you a point of reference as to why we left. Every time you would see a fence down you would ask if Ike did it. We spent a couple of nights at home with Dad and “Sparky” (the generator you and your Dad named) until it got too hot and you me and your brother headed to Miss Jodie’s. Let the games begin.

You and Landon spent the next week playing together and watching Batman cartoons. Some days were easier than others but we all got through it when finally that glorious Saturday our lights came back on.

Needless to say with all that excitement I was unable to get your newsletter out in a timely manner. It happens.

This past month has been rather challenging on the school front. We moved you back to Kids R Kids with your brother and you seem to be much happier. Dad and I think the familiarity and stability is the best for you and we all are working to get you ready for Kindergarten.

Yesterday you had a rough day at school, they had to call your dad and needless to say your dad and I were disappointed in your behavior. I don’t think we fully realize the impact of these “rough” days and how much you internalize when you fail. When Dad tucked you in last night you told him that you really tried to have a good day and then cried softly. When your Dad told me I cried too. We know you are trying hard sweetie and we will never give up to help you get to that better place.

A couple of weeks ago an event took place and it saddens me that it will forever be apart of you and a reminder of a time when you were hurt badly. We were at Miss Jodie’s house leaving to go home from the air show and you and I were walking down the stairs. You raced to get in front of me, a bad habit you developed from always wanting to be first, and you tripped over your feet and went tumbling down to the bottom. Your face broke your fall when it hit the molding at the base of the stairs; your face tore open on impact.

I didn’t realize the severity until the blood started gushing. Miss Jodie made you a compress and I scooped you up and we headed to the emergency room. Your mom was trying to be strong because I didn’t want to scare you but I lost it when we walked in the door. It sunk in that I was actually here. I knew it was inevitable that we would arrive here and I thought somehow knowing and accepting that would help me deal but it didn’t. Looking down into your face and seeing the hurt and uncertainty was too much for me to bare.

We were in the room that was painted for kids with the Little Mermaid, Nemo and Spongebob cheering us on. As you were lying on the table I attempted to reassure you everything was going to ok. You took a small nap and Miss Jodie and I stayed with you as you slept.

The doctor came back in to administer the local so he can begin sewing up your gash. It wasn’t pretty…none of it. It took four of us to hold you down and I knew you were hurting. I just wanted it all to go away. Your Dad came in and tried to calm you but you were having none of it. I am now attempting to find humor in the event but there just isn’t any.

After the doc completed your six stitches we were all exhausted and you were wringing wet with sweat. Your Dad carried you to the car and took you home; I still had to get your brother from Miss Jodie’s house.

When I got home I saw a tired little boy who grew up just a little bit more that day. All in all you did great and I am proud of you. Let’s agree that we won’t have to go back there for a really…really for reals long time, if at all.

Now on the lighter side…a couple of notable funnies:

Yesterday morning I was getting you ready for school and I gave you some new pants to try on. You put them on, looked down and around, looked back at me and said “these pants fit nicely”. I fell off the couch in hysterics.

The other night you told your Dad, who had went to a concert a few days earlier, that YOU wanted to see Gaslight Anthem. I don’t even remember telling you that is where he went.

You and your Dad have started a nightly ritual of story telling. He tucks you in and makes up a story to tell you. Many nights I can hear your laughter from upstairs fill the house. I just smile. My hope for you is that these stories will stick with you for the rest of your life and one day you will pass the gift on to your kids. Characters like Scaramooch searching for shark pants, Sir Hiram Hurmpf and Bunny. When I ask about the stories your Dad tells you your face lights up as you recall every minute detail. That there is special…hold on to it with both hands.

We took family pictures for Christmas the week before “the incident” and here are a few of my favs! (will post soon)

A notable thing that has happened in the last month or so was the presidential election. I can in no way compete with your dad articulating the significance and importance of this event so let me send you over to his blog read his words.

And lastly, you posses a shining light that draws people to you like moths to a light bulb. Every person that meets you is immediately drawn to your personality and is awe of your ability to articulate words better than most adults. You will learn to harness this unique gift and you will eventually become a force to be reckon with…but on your terms and those that see it won’t even know what hit them. We got your back Bugamug. You are an amazing, handsome young boy with a beautiful soul and we will forever and ever love you.