Monday, June 23, 2008

June 12, 2008

Dear Monkey,

You made your debut today, a little earlier than planned; does that mean you are going to be habitually early in everything you do for the rest of your life? Not a bad quality at all, but dang boy. That hurt!

I’m not going to go into the gory details; you can read your mom’s blog when you’re old enough. Mom had an operation and the first time I saw your face was when you peeked at me over the curtain to say hi. You were not happy; someone had just plucked you out of your warm cozy place that was your home for the last 9 months.

You were born at 7:13 am, weighed 5 lbs 11 ounces, 18 ¾ inches long, 20 days before your due date. I wasn’t prepared for a less than 6 lb baby, we weren’t prepared, and thankfully Ms. Jodie and Miss Nicole got us prepared real quickly.

You met your Dad shortly after you were born and he carried you in the recovery room to meet your big brother. I wasn’t there but your Dad said your brother looked at you in awe. To this day he badgers your Dad and me to hold you and he kisses you good night. He speaks to you lovingly and touches you gently. I’m documenting this behavior because one day I am sure you will never believe me when I have to separate you two and make you hold hands on the couch to keep you from fighting.

Your first night you spent with me and we had a pretty good night. You took to breast feeding like a champ. They even released us early because you did so well. My lil overachiever already…well…you are a Wayne.

You have been with us 11 days and our adventures have included coming home, going from the living room to the bedroom, outside once and a ride to the airport to drop Mema off once.

We’re working really hard to get into a routine; your mom needs this in a big way. I don’t mind the night feedings it is the unknown of how long they will last that is difficult for me. We usually go at it for thirty minutes but it seems you still want more. We started supplementing with formula and the finger feeder. I think I will just be prepared every night to go that route so we can do our business and get back to sleep.

You enjoy resting on your Dad but he has been busy taking care of and occupying big brother of late. This is a humongous help for your mom and it just goes to show what you have to look forward to soon.

Tonight we start sleeping in the bassinet, we’ve done well with naps and mom needs to get ‘quality’ sleep and I really can’t do that with you on my chest. Not that I don’t love it but I sleeping on my chest at 16 may cause the neighbors to talk.

We are incredibly thankful and you seem to be a happy baby…we’re only 11 days in but that is the sense I get from you. I love your baby boy smell and the soft silkiness of your hair and the smoothness of your baby boy skin. We are so blessed to have you and I’m so looking forward to getting to know you and see your little personality emerge as the days go by.



Friday, June 6, 2008

Tickle me Mommy

Last night, this morning you came into our bedroom and your dad and I let you finish out the night in our bed. This morning when I woke you up the first thing ok…who are we kidding the second thing you asked me right after “Can I watch a show?” was “Mommy, why did you push my legs last night?”

Me: “Because you were kicking your brother and we don’t kick your brother”.

The boy: “Can I punch my brother?”

Me: “No, we don’t punch.”

The boy: “Can I flick my brother?”

Me: “No sweetie, that is not nice.”

The boy: “Can I tickle my brother?”

Me: “Yes, you can tickle your brother.”

At this time you proceed to tickle my belly.