Monday, November 16, 2009

Game Night - Trouble

Friday night marked the first of many Friday night game nights for the Wayne family. After checkerboard sandwiches and domino cookies were devoured and Sage was snug as a bug in bed we broke out Trouble.

The friendly game turned into fierce competition as Seth and Scott took early leads getting their guys off home. I sat there roll after roll as more of a spectator than actual participator, my speculation is the dice were rigged in an Ocean’s thirteen type fashion, frightened of the reputation that precedes me.

Finally, the boys decided I sat on the sidelines long enough and the 6’s started rolling my way and true to form I started picking them off one by one. The lead exchanged hands at least four or five times finally ending with Seth the victor.

Seth celebrated his victory with fever, chills, vomiting and overall feeling of ickiness the remainder of the weekend. Evidently it was a 24 hour thing or he has a super human immune system.

All is well on this day.

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