Monday, November 23, 2009

Game Night - Uno Attack

Friday night’s menu featured breakfast for dinner - eggs, sausage and toast; a majority of the family’s favorite…Scott had fish. After dinner game night was on. I had purchased Uno Attack a few years ago and I honestly don’t even remember why but I finally had a reason to blow the dust off and shuffle the deck.

Uno Attack is pretty much like your old school Uno with a few exceptions…randomness, unpredictability and a card launcher that shows no mercy. You may think you are in the home stretch with your “UNO” card then the player before you lays down a Wild Hit-Fire card and you hit the launcher until it shoots out cards. We had a blast…high fives…finger pointing and the holding of one’s breath could be heard quite simultaneously.

I took the early lead with my old school skillz but then Scott and Seth soon caught on and the unpredictability and randomness reared its ugly head. We all had “UNO” at one point in the game but 45 minutes later Seth prevailed as the champion. Apparently he has a little winning streak going.

We had a great time. Every “attack” brought laughs and the use of hand muscles we never thought we had with holding a big o’ stack of cards…Scott.

This Friday Nana and Papa will get to share in our “game night” experience. I thought of doing fondue for dinner but then I was promptly reminded turkey ought to be on the menu for most of the weekend. I guess I will have to get creative…pin the leg on the turkey anyone…

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